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We have real OSRS client data, it is just as you are playing real oldschool runescape, but we are better. Enter the wilderness with pre-loaded gear within seconds, fight your foes with our without a team. Pking goes instantly and the combat is smooth and flawless. Don’t like pking? No problem! We have 100% working mini-games, bosses, skills, achievements, quests and so much more! Just hop on start playing! We are the best spawn server on the rsps-list.


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love the servers!

Author: black malo
2017-09-24 19:47:01

this server is so fun zulrah needs to be nerfed but its still amazing

Author: b0aty boobs
2017-09-24 15:55:19

omg I love this server its so fun tbh

Author: b0aty boobs
2017-09-23 21:42:01

so easy so fun I love it

Author: b0aty boobs
2017-09-22 17:10:23

Easy start, and great content

Author: Lullie
2017-09-19 13:37:18

so good!!!!

Author: b0aty boobs
2017-09-15 16:28:55

so fun so easy and great saff

Author: im so good
2017-09-15 16:20:39

Not a Bad server having played many in my time, Lots of content which is updated regularly great. Growing community and good eco/ 9/11 would recommend. Only down side is 2/3 of the staff are a complete waste of space you can have 5 online and have them take 20-30 minutes for a single response from one. Never the less game is GREAT!

Author: MikeWill
2017-09-09 14:05:12

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