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Last summer we launched LetsPK, since then we have been through some ups and downs, saw some success and were even met with some interesting challenges. All in all we had a good run and we had some fun. A game like RuneScape has an almost endless amount of development- there is always a bug to fix or some piece of content missing or something to be done. It's important to be able to realistically prioritise the necessities from the accessories and though I tried I never quite felt like I hit the mark with everything. With winter around the corner there's nothing better to do for me than to busy myself with a new project, and thus LetsPK II is born. We have real OSRS client data, it is just as you are playing real oldschool runescape in 2019, but we are better. Enter the wilderness with pre-loaded gear within seconds, fight your foes with our without a team. Pking goes instantly and the combat is smooth and flawless. Don’t like pking? No problem! We have 100% working mini-games, bosses, skills, achievements, quests and so much more! Just hop on start playing! We are the best spawn server on the rsps-list.


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