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snowrsps-best-custom-rsps RSPS

snowrsps-best-custom-rsps RSPS

SnowScape is a private server which has been customly developed and changed for the game of Old School Runescape. Apart from the core mechanics such as ticks and the most common animations, almost everything you will experience and witness on SnowScape has been custom made by the development team at SnowScape RSPS. The home town is set at varrock centre which is where you'll find most of the shops and world teleport and such. The interface on SnowScape has been made uniquely from Old School Runescape and Runescape 3. Our interface is a combination of the two Runescape versions, you can see your pouch and things related to that from the RS3 as well as some other OSRS feels to the interface. Our development team consists of some of the top tier ranked developers in the Private Server scene of all Runescape. With several years of experience that have contributed to the epic project it is today, SnowScape. With constant updates, overlooked server by staff members we can guarantee you that you will get to experience something like never before. From custom made gear with their own pros and cons to epic weapons that are completely developed from scratch, we have made everything in the most optimal fashion that we possibly can.

With a very active and friendly community, raids, bossings and a big PvP scene we have it all at Snowscape.

Unique currencies, scripted gambling to make it fair to everyone, weekly challenges with major rewards you will never run out of fun things to immerse yourself in. We offer the best experience that has come to the world of Runescape.

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Active Players: 15-50+ Players Always Online

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