Darkan 2012 Remake

darkan RSPS

darkan RSPS

Website: http://darkan.org
Discord: http://discord.gg/Z32ggEB
Client Download: http://darkan.org/assets/uploads/files/Darkan.jar
Live Updating World Map: http://darkan.org/worldmap
Highscores: http://darkan.org/highscores

Tired of OSRS servers? Reminiscing of RuneScapes best years when an AGS cost over 100m? Miss rushing people with Vesta and dragon claws to a chaotic maul smackdown? Well on Darkan, you can do that. Darkan is a 727 revision pre-eoc server being developed to emulate those memories. Come check us out to get flash backs you totally forgot about. Explore a world full of content all over again, from fully functioning skills including real dynamic dungeoneering floors to farming your herblore supplies. 

Play Darkan on your own terms, try out the various game modes offered. With a variety of experience rates and the ability to play ironman mode YOU choose the level of difficulty you want allowing yourself your own unique challenge. Is lonewolf not your style? That's okay, make some friends and form a clan. With a functioning clan system you can climb the ranks and have noobs begging for invites!

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