emps-world RSPS

emps-world RSPS

Emps World OSRS is one of the most unique OSRS private server in the whole Runescape scene. Emps World OSRS is an Olds chool HD server, this means high definition everything. We host one of the biggest communities and the most immersive and competitive scene in Runescape available. We have a very stable economy, all skills in OSRS are available in Emps World. Emps World isn't your typical Runescape private server that just works as a knockoff Runescape with increased XP rates. Emps World is a customized game, custom pets, bosses, gear, weapons and much more that are unique to just Emps World.

Emps world is a combination of EoC and OSRS, the PvP mechanisms are OSRS and the interface itself, but the world is very EoC like. This was optimal for our design as we took the best from both worlds. There are many different game modes that you as a player can partake in the world of Emps. We host a type of special single player PvE which is called fight caves. This is a place where bosses are spawned for you to kill to obtain certain loot, capes and perks from slaying these creatures. But it doesn't end there, caves can also be fought in a hard mode. After a player have finished the normal fight caves he or she can partake in fight caves hard mode. This means that all monsters that are spawned become purple and are stronger versions of their original fight cave variants. Upon completion of the fight cave you are awarded different capes for which combat styles you used the most, melee, ranged, magic or all three.

Emps World is strictly a community driven server, it is dependent on the players. Referral system is a very convenient way to motivate people to invite their friends to join us at Emps World. By referring a user upon registration the referrer and the invited gets bonuses and unique rewards that are obtainable in-game. However to avoid abusers and exploiting we have made it so that every referral and referee is manually examined by our staff team which is an efficient way to avoid cheating attempts.

This also means that all everything Emps World related is funded by the community. Without donations, we wouldn't have been able to run as long as we have and maintain the sheer size of the community today. By donating you do not only enhance and upgrade your own gam eplay by unlocking new rewards, bonuses, unique items etc, but you also help the server stay alive.

Emps World OSRS is the most optimal Runescape private server out there. It has it all, competitive PvP, different game modes, PvE a stable economy and much more. This is the place you are going to want to explore the world of Gielinor. Join us today at Emps World OSRS

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