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Onyx RSPS is one of the most complex and immersive Pre-EoC Runescape private servers out there.

It is the most convenient RSPS to invest your time in. RSPS isn't your typical Runescape copy cat RSPS, Onyx is its own game. There are unique bosses that hasn't ever been introduced to the game of Runescape, unique custom gear that are unique to the world of Onyx RSPS. Onyx RSPS is an enhanced better version of the original game, it is what EoC should have been but didn't become. Onyx RSPS is the true continuation of Pre-EoC and the true Runescape experience.

To stay unique and fresh to our player base we have decided not to stay at Edgeville as the main activity center in Onyx. As a result we have redone the iconic Camelot Castle to make it feel more welcoming and to give it a more unique approach to our players. Here you can find an array of different features including our unique portal system, most of the shops, fishing spots, mining locations, ranges to cook, anvils to smith, stalls to thieve, trees to cut and a whole bunch more.

Be sure to tune in to our game to experience and play through our seasonal events. These holiday festivities such as our most recent Halloween event include unique seasonal bosses, new hefty obtainable items and Halloween gear, cosmetics and much more.

Our unique armor system is a very unique approach to the Runescape experience. You're able to upgrade yor armour piece to a better superior version of the previous one. For example, you may choose to take the risk of upgrading your current GWD set piece for a chance of 25 percent of acquiring the upgraded version, you can find the upgrade chest in the bank at the Onyx activity center, the Camelot castle.

We at Onyx value our players free time and the fact that our players choose to spend their time in our community gives us a great responsibility to value their time as much as possible. As a result of this we have added a new AFK zone. This new zone rewards AFK players with a certain amount of GP that will scale with your drop rate chance. Regularly you can expect to make 200K Gold Points per hour. However you do not gain any experience from this activity. You may reach this zone with the AFK command that you type in the chat. We also have AFK animations added for players that have been AFK for more than 15 minutes. This is just another one of the minor details that make Onyx so special and unique.

Due to some supplies being too hard to obtain in the world of Onyx, we have released a skill supplies shop at the Camelot castle that will server as a money sink as they are pretty expensive. We have avoided most high level ones that will remain obtainable to not make the supplies shop too overpowered. This means that the higest level ones are still only obtained via bossing and skilling. To quickly enter this shop you can also use the shops command in the chat.

Onyx RSPS is the peak of Runescape gaming. It has Everything you want in a Runescape private server and more. Onyx hosts one of the biggest and most active communities there are on the private server market.

Join us today and being your adventure in the world of Gielinor and play Runescape how it should have been played a long time ago.

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