Zenyte OSRS | #1 RSPS 2019

zenyte RSPS

zenyte RSPS

Zenyte RSPS is an Old School Runescape Private Server. Zenyte RSPS is one of the most promising upcoming Runescape private servers this year. With tons of original and classic content, theatre of blood, raids of xeric, barrow chests and much more. Zenyte RSPS hosts one of the biggest private server communities ever. With hundreds of people online simultaneously with a very tight and friendly community.

The economy of Zenyte RSPS is a very well established one, we have put our focus to the economy aspects of our server and have tried our best not to make it a typical pay to play Runescape private server. The economy is very moderate and balanced which is meant for Runescape to promote a fair and equal gaming environment for everyone on the server.

Zenyte hasn't even been launched for over a year and the things we have achieved in this short timespan is tremendous.

We've managed to maintain a massive playerbase throughout these months, added new and fresh content almost every week since launch and hosted seasonal events such as easter and Christmas events which players can partake in to win unique and limited edition prizes.

Zenyte RSPS has a very immersive and convenient market system where any player can at any given time look up what items are being traded during which hour or what time of the day it may be.

Our server promotes a very competitive gaming environment where players are ought to compete against each other in almost all aspects of the game and thrive on their individual journeys.

Zenyte is truly an epic server that offers flawless combat, non existent lag and consistent new content being added.

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