OSRS Agility Guide

Table of Contents

  • Useful Quests
  • Useful Items
  • Normal Agility Training
  • Alternative Agility Training Methods

Useful Quests

  • Recruitment Drive: 1,000 EXP
  • The Depths of Despair: 1,500 EXP
  • The Fremmenik Trials: 2,812 EXP
  • The Underground Pass : 2,812 EXP
  • Icthlarin's Little Helper: 4,000 EXP
  • Cold War: 5,000 EXP
  • Royal Trouble: 5,000 EXP
  • Grim Tales: 6,000 EXP
  • Cabin Fever: 7,000 EXP
  • Darkness of Hallowvale: 7,000 EXP
  • The Grand Tree: 7,900 EXP
  • Troll Romance: 8,000 EXP
  • Making Friends With My Arm: 10,000 EXP
  • Recipe For Disaster: 10,000 EXP
  • Regicide: 13,750 EXP
  • Dragon Slayer II: 15,000 EXP
  • Mournings End Part 2: 20,000 EXP
  • Monkey Madness 2: 20,000 EXP
  • Song of the Elves: 20,000 EXP

Useful Items

Agility Potions

Agility potions are one of the cheapest boosts in the game and raise your level by 3. Since you can keep it in a 4-dose vial, it helps to have it on-hand during hard courses or quests.

Energy Potions

While Stamina potions are superior, energy potions are a very economical way to restore your run energy during some low-level courses. It would be useful at the Gnome Agility course, for example, due to your low Agility level and lack of Graceful pieces.

Summer Pie

This pie boosts your agility even higher by 5 and heals you. It comes with two bites per pie, so you may need to take several in comparison to Agility potions. A small amount of run energy is also restored, so it is a close alternative to energy potions.

Graceful Set

Since Agility is almost entirely running around, it doesn’t hurt to have the energy restoration effect from Graceful. If you plan on training through rooftop courses, it’s inevitable that you will get it anyway.

Boots of Lightness

If you don’t yet have any Graceful pieces or you won’t bother getting it, this is the old-school way of reducing your weight and saving run energy. It is found during the start of Temple of Ikov, in which you go downstairs with a light source to retrieve it.

Spotted/Spottier Cape

This is another alternative piece of weight-reducing equipment if you don’t have Graceful. You need a hunter level of 40 and 66 respectively to wear one.

Normal Agility Training

Gnome Stronghold or Questing(1 - 10)

Starting out, you can either do a few easy quests to skip through this course or just grind it out to learn the basics. It should only take 14 laps to get from level 1-10, but you might as well get started questing anyway.

Recruitment Drive is likely the easiest on a relatively new account and will give you 1,000 experience. It’s also possible to do the Grand Tree for a huge amount of experience, but you must be prepared for the Black Demon fight.

Draynor Village Agility Course (10 - 30)

The Draynor Village Agility Course is a relatively small one and this is where you may start accumulating Marks of Grace. There are multiple tight ropes, gap jumps and walls to scale and there is a relatively high chance of failure when starting out. Luckily, the bank is right there in case you need food or energy potions.

The course starts north of the wheat filed by climbing up the wall. It may be hard to see it, which is why having a client like Runelite would be useful so it’s highlighted. You will finish it by jumping down Ned’s house and the start will be within view to start another lap.

You will get a little over 9,000 experience per hour and each lap consists of 120 experience. Considering it’s a small course, it’s one of the better ones to get Marks of Grace, so you can go all the way to Level 30 and skip other courses.

Varrock Agility Course (30 - 40)

Considering that the Al Kharid course isn’t really an upgrade from Draynor Village, this should be next in line after hitting level 30. The course starts right at the General Store and involves scaling various familiar buildings around town. Expect lots of gap leaps, a wall balance, and crossing a clothesline during this large course. The experience per hour is over 12,000 and you should at least get quite a few Marks of Grace at the end of the grind.

Luckily, the default Varrock Teleport spot goes right to the start of the course. While it isn’t necessary, some players choose to utilize this for passive magic experience and shaving off a few seconds from starting a new run or getting back to the entrance if you fail an obstacle. The entire course gives 238 experience, in which 125 of it is from the end bonus.

Canafis Agility Course (40 – 50/60/70)

While there might be other courses or content to explore at Level 40, the Canafis course is considered to be the best means of obtaining Marks of Grace and many players end up finishing their Graceful sets using this course. The experience per hour is a slight upgrade at around 15,000, but it is a very small and relaxed course.

According to most players, a Mark of Grace should spawn around every three laps, which is higher than most other courses. Even if you are just starting rooftop courses, you will likely have your set finished by the end of the grind.

Two of the jumps between buildings are fail-able, and it will happen quite often if you start here at level 40. It also hits quite hard at 8 damage, so low HP accounts should have food on hand. There is also the added danger of accidentally clicking on a werewolf going between courses, so be mindful of that.

It should be noted that this course has a few animation glitches, so don’t panic if you run into them. When you climb up the tree, you may end up on top of the tree instead of on the roof. This is usually resolved by clicking on a tile to move your character. If you are crafting or casting magic while pole vaulting, it would appear as if you are walking in the air.

Falador Agility Course (50 – 60)

While the Falador course can offer slightly higher experience, a lot of players would prefer to skip it due to annoying failure rates and slower Marks of Grace in comparison. It starts out at a house east of the Mining Guild and ends right around it. When failing, it can be an annoying walk back to the start, which would hinder your experience rates with some bad luck.

Seers Village Agility Course (50 – 60/70)

At Level 60, the next best way to get experience and Marks of Grace is at the Seers’ Village course. It starts out at the bank and ends right at the church (near the Yew trees). Considering the small size of the village, it is easy to walk back to the starting point for faster experience. 55,000 experience per hour is quite typical at this course, which outshines other options available.

The key to this method is having the hard steps of the Kandarin Diary completed so you can change your Camelot Teleport to the entrance of the bank. This would allow for near-instant resets of this course and significantly increase the experience per hour and make it easier overall. Having said that, it’s still a decent course without having the diary completed.

Due to the close proximity of the bank and ease of the course, it is very common to see players multi-skilling. You can gain lots of magic, Fletching or Herblore experience if you time everything right between laps.

Pollnivneach Agility Course (70 – 80)

The Pollnivneach course is totally optional and only really worth it if you don’t have the Kandarin diary completed or you just want a brief change in scenery. While this course is located in the desert, you won’t need waterskins and there is a bar that sells wine nearby. The drawback is the inconvenient distance to a bank, but you may bring noted items to use at the un-noter near the house portal.

You start by climbing on the basket at the bar and jumping off a clothesline in the north end. A complete lap without failing is 890 experience, which equates to at least 45,000 experience per hour. Be sure to not skip the rough wall after the tree jump as it messes up your experience bonus at the end

Relekka Agility Course (80 – 90)

The Relekka course is not much of an upgrade, but it becomes a better option to accumulate marks of grace once the seers' course gets limited to 20% of its original spawn rate. The experience rate is around 54,000 per hour but it depends on the supplies you take and level of concentration. Fortunately, you cannot fail at level 85, so boosting with Summer Pies may be an option for the earlier levels.

The course isn’t that big and starts by climbing up the rough wall, located by the agility icon on the map. It ends by diving into a pile of fish, in which the 475 experience drop is given. While there is no bank in the immediate area, you can obtain emergency food from fish vendors.

Ardougne Agility Course (90 – 99)

While the Ardougne course isn’t the fastest possible way to obtain experience, it is one of the most relaxed courses in the game. It consists of just hopping around the houses surrounding the market with 793 per finished lap. It’s highly convenient considering there’s a bank nearby and the failure rate is pretty low. Expect between 55,000 and 60,000 experience in a typical hour.

If you complete the elite Ardougne diary, the chance for Marks of Grace to spawn is increased by 25%. Considering that you probably have the Graceful set by now, they can be traded in for Amalyse crystals. These crystals are sold for quite a high price, or they may be used to create Stamina Potions for Ironmen.

It’s possible to start this course at level 85 using Summer Pies, but the experience rate isn’t the best and Relekka would be a lot easier since you cannot fail at that level.

Alternative Agility Training Methods

Toy Mouse (1 – 10)

While it is quite a slow training method, the Toy Mouse is a portable item made with Clockwork that allows you to train agility anywhere. Every time you catch it, you get 3 experience and might be useful if taken during multi-tasking parts of the game. Some restricted novelty accounts have utilized the Toy Mouse. One being Busty Chests, a Barrows Locked account that had no other means of training agility other than this portable toy mouse.

Barbarian Fishing Passive Experience (15 - 60+)

Barbarian Fishing is a bit of a weird activity as you training passive agility and strength experience while fishing. This is only done in a couple of locations and is most convenient to do so near the Barbarian Assault minigame.

The amount of experience gained is nothing short of underwhelming, usually amounting to around 5,000 per hour. However, it is an efficient way to skip through low-level agility if you plan on getting to 99 fishing anyway. Efficient Ironmen like to do this first and get 60+ agility before starting any real courses.

You will have to go out of your way to do the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl, which consists of traveling to a long list of bars around Runescape. Although, you will have to do it anyway for multiple quests and diary steps.

Agility Pyramid (30+)

The Agility Pyramid is quite a remote location in the Kharidian Desert and is nearby Nardah. The objective is to reach the tippy top of the pyramid and take the top, which then can be traded into Simon Templeton for 10,000 gold. While it isn’t very fast experience at its level and has a high fail rate until around level 70-75, this is one of the most viable ways to make pure gold for Ironmen accounts.

A full lap of the pyramid gives 722 experience in total. While this sounds like a lot, keep in mind that it’s a long journey to the top so other courses would likely be faster inexperience. If you do this at Level 75 (or lower with Agility potions), you can get over 40,000 experience per hour.

It should be noted that it’s a relatively dangerous course considering you need to have waterskins to prevent dying of thirst. Several pieces of food should also be on hand since failing obstacles can hit large amounts of damage, and you will fail often at level 30.

Barbarian Agility Course (35 – 40)

While the Barbarian Course might as well be dead content, there are still people who venture out here to gain experience or for nostalgia purposes. You can get over 11,000 experience per hour and it is a relatively relaxed course in comparison to rooftop ones, but there is much less of a benefit for using it. If anything, it is suitable to get a couple of levels before going to the Canafis course.

Deep Wilderness Agility Course (52 – 60/99)

This used to be the meta training course in Runescape Classic and it is still quite a decent course today. It is found in the Northwestern part of the Wilderness, near the Ice Plateau.

The experience per hour is usually around 45,000, which is much more than other mid-level courses.Of course, there is a chance to fail obstacles and take large amounts of damage, so take high-healing food. The fact that this area is a hotspot for Pkers also can affect your experience rates.

Wintertodt Gaps (60+)

An often ignored way to train agility is to spam click the gaps between the corners of Wintertodt in between games. While you may get 20,000 experience per hour, it is an AFK method that doesn’t even require you to move your mouse. You may see high-level players doing this between boss spawns on the official world.

Werewolf Training Course (55-60/99)

The Werewolf course has the potential to be the fastest way to obtain level 99, but otherwise is a decent mid-level course for those that want t try something different. Keep in mind that it’s not that great of a course if you want to obtain marks of grace or have relaxing training experience. Once you get a high level, it is possible to exceed 65,000 experience per hour.

You will need a ring of Charos to even enter the course, and it’s recommended to bring stamina potions and Saradomin brews to make your sessions last longer.

You will have to go through stepping stones, hurdles, skull climbs among others. You will have to pay attention to where the stick is located as it’s worth 300 bonus experience at the end and is the key to obtain the efficient experience rate. The zip line at the end has a chance for failure and will hit 30 damage, so having food is necessary.

Prifddinas Agility Course (75 – 99)

The experience of this course isn’t that optimal for the level at around 50,000 per hour, but it is an easy means to obtain crystal shards. It is available after completing the Song of the Elves quest and give you an opportunity to explore the new city.

The course can be kind of random since there are portals that can spawn and be used as shortcuts. Each portal can shave around 5 seconds and essential increase your experience per hour beyond the mean. Each portal will also give the opportunity for a crystal shard, which is like an alternative to Marks of Grace, but used for elven equipment.

Brimhaven Agility Arena (1 - 99)

While few still go down here, the Brimhaven Agility Arena is a complex minigame that is deserving of its own section. It requires more effort than any other method in the game, but it is viable to go from Level 1 to 99 in just this area. This is due to the ability to trade in bulk tickets for experience, and some people have even taken it to the extreme and went from a low level to Level 99 in just a few minutes by hoarding tickets.

Instead of a linear obstacle course, the idea is to run through treacherous obstacles in order to grab tickets at random dispensers in the dungeon. The rotation changes every minute, so players have to rune to the next one or camp on a single one and wait for it to spawn. As there are 25 pillars, there is quite a lot of running around to do, so be sure to bring stamina potions and food to accommodate.

There are several different traps in the game, some giving heaps of experience with some giving none at all. This includes: spinning blades, rope swings, low walls, planks, balancing ropes, logs, ledges, monkey bars, pillar steps, floor spikes, pressure pad traps, and dart traps. They do varying levels of damage so make sure to bring plenty of food on a lower level account.

Now that the game has matured, efficient skillers have found out that it’s better to camp one ticket machine at a time while grinding on whatever low-level trap is nearby. For example, you may run the same spinning blade or pressure pad trap for experience by clicking forward and behind repetitively. This takes the skill out of navigating the course and it is faster no matter how you calculate it.

An essential part of making this strategy work is having the Karamja Diary Gloves 4, which has quite high requirements aside from Agility. This allows for a 10% chance of receiving an extra ticket in the arena, which definitely adds up over time.

The meta for this skills is around 67,000 experience per hour, assuming you have Karamja Gloves 4, a decently high agility level and you cash out your tickets at the 1,000 goal. This is quite a bit better than the Ardougne agility course for high-level training, although it requires more focus.

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