OSRS Cerberus Guide

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Level Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Recommended Melee Equipment
  • Recommended Ranged Equipment
  • Boss Walkthrough

Quest Prerequisites

  • Shilo Village to access Duradel the slayer master (recommended)
  • Kings Ransom for the piety prayer

Level Prerequisites

  • 91+ slayer, with a slayer task of hellhounds or herself to be fought (boostable from level 86 using a wild pie, not recommended though)
  • 85+ attack, strength and defence (recommended)
  • 70+ prayer (recommended)
  • 70+ agility for the Taverley dungeon shortcut

Items Required

  • 4 x Divine super combat potion (62'156 gp/hour)
  • 36 x Prayer potion(4) (381'600 gp/hour)
  • 56 x Shark (54'656 gp/hour)
  • teleport to house or Falador

Recommended Melee Equipment

  • Slayer helmet (i)
  • Amulet of torture
  • Infernal cape
  • Bandos chestplate
  • Bandos tassets
  • Scythe of vitur
  • Avernic defender
  • Rada's blessing
  • Ferocious gloves
  • Primordial boots
  • Berserker ring (i)
  • Dragon claws (spec weapon)

Recommended Ranged Equipment

  • Slayer helmet (i)
  • Necklace of anguish
  • Ava's assembler
  • Armadyl chestplate
  • Armadyl chainskirt
  • Toxic blowpipe
  • Dragon or amethyst arrows
  • Barrows gloves
  • Pegasian boots
  • Archers ring (i)


  • 2'750'0000k gp per hour
  • 24'000k slayer exp per hour
  • 128'000k attack exp per hour

Item Drops

  • Primordial crystal (2.1m/hour)
  • Pegasian crystal(7.5k/hour)
  • Eternal crystal (218.5k/hour
  • Smouldering stone (164.7k/ hour
  • Rune platebody (52.7k/hour)
  • Rune 2h sword (41.3k/hour)
  • Grimy torstol (48.9k/hour)
  • Torstol seed (88.7k/hour)
  • Runite ore (45.7k/hour)
  • Dragon bones (76.8k/hour)
  • Wine of zamorak (32.7k/hour)
  • 20.5k gp/hour
  • Various other lower valued drops, giving a total drop value per hour of around 3.25M gp

Boss Walkthrough

Cerberus can only be fought on a slayer task, the task can either be for a hellhound or Cerberus herself. The best slayer master for this task is Duradel, located in Shilo Village and accessible after completion of the Shilo Village quest. You can also use Steve or Nieve. To fight Cerberus go to the Taverley dungeon, south-west of Taverley. To get there from Falador, jump over the broken wall shortcut and then run west. You can also use a house tab if you have your house in Taverley, which will be the fastest way of getting to the dungeon. When you get in the dungeon you can use the level 70 agility shortcut, squeeze through it then run around past the black demons, past the poison spiders and continue on to the cavern entrance where Cerberus is located. If you can't access the shortcut, you will have to run the whole way round using a dusty key. Cerberus' lair may be accessed in the north-eastern section of the hellhound area, you will meet a key master who will only let you enter if you have been assigned hellhounds or Cerberus as a slayer task. Occasionally Cerberus will drop a key master teleport which will teleport you to this location just outside her lair.

Cerberus is a very high level boss with a combat level of 318 and 600 health. She has a max hit of 23 and hits this with all combat styles, melee, ranged and magic. She has a weakness to crush making melee the preferred method of fighting her with. However ranged can still be used, and while she has +100 ranged defence, a toxic blow pipe will still be very effective against her.

At the start of every fight the mechanics will be the same, Cerberus will attack with magic then range and then melee. You can prayer flick the corresponding protect prayer for each attack by waiting for her attack animation to start, the attack animation is of Cerberus moving back her head's and then pouncing forwards at you. After the first attack (magic) you can switch to range and then melee after you see each attack. For the remainder of the fight it is best to leave protect from magic on, using prayer potions when you need to. Another mechanic to lookout for are the lava pools. When Cerburus says “Grrrrr” (text above her head), it will cause tile-sized lava pools to spawn around the room, and one will always spawn underneath you, you should immediately move to another tile 2 or more spaces away, or you will take multiple hits of high damage. If you are stood in an adjacent tile to the lava pool you will still take damage just a lower amount. The next major fight mechanic are the summoned souls that are summoned by Cerberus when she is below 400 hp. When she says “Aaaarrrrooo” it will cause them to appear. There are 3 spirits and they appear in a random order, similarly to Cerberus' opening attack they each have different attack style, so you will have to prayer flick protection prayers depending on which order they attack you. They each have an identifiable colour which will help you predict which attack style (they also have weapons dependant on their style but the colours are likely more visible in the heat of battle). Blue is magic, red is melee and green is ranged. Whilst the spawn order of the ghosts is random, they always attack from west to east. If you fail to protect from their attacks you will take 30 damage per hit. Their attacks also have the effect of removing 30 prayer points from you if the correct prayer spell is used, a way of partially negating this is by using a spectral sprit shield which will cut the damage to prayer points by 50% causing the spirits attack to only remove 15 prayer points.

When fighting with melee, make sure to use a crush combat style. Take a super combat potion before you start. As you enter the lair you will pass some flames causing 5 damage, turn on protect from magic and begin the fight. Use your spec weapon every time it recharges if you bought one. You can use Piety if you have completed the Kings Ransom quest, Knight Waves Training Ground activity and and have level 70+ prayer, this will give decent bonus' to your defence, strength and attack but it will drain your prayer rapidly so you need be making optimal prayer flicks and drinking prayer potions at the correct time to use it. If you are fighting with ranged and have a toxic blowpipe you can use that weapons special attack, so there isn't a need to bring another spec weapon. Use the prayers rigour or eagle eye if you can, otherwise the fight is mostly the same as when using melee, there is no possibility of a safespot when using ranged either. Once Cerberus is defeated, bank at your house in Taverley or in Falador and repeat

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