OSRS Doric's Quest Guide

Doric's Quest

Table of Contents

  • Skill Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Useful Items
  • Quest Walkthrough

Skill Prerequisites

  • 15 Mining (Only needed if not buying the required ores/ clay)

Items Required

  • 6 clay
  • 4 copper ores
  • 2 Iron ores
  • A pickaxe (Only needed if mining the ore's yourself. Doric gives you a bronze pickaxe at the start of the quest, whether you intend to mine or not.)

Useful Items

  • Falador teleport
  • Weight reducing Armour



Deliver ores and clay to Doric the dwarf to gain access to his anvils.



Official Length


Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest you need to visit Doric the dwarf, his house is north of Falador, just east of the gate to Taverly and south of the Goblin Village. Talk to him and ask to use his anvils, he tells you he will let you, but in exchange for the materials that he requires for his own use, which is making pickaxes. He will tell you that you he needs the following items: 4 copper ores, 2 iron ores and 6 clay (all must be in non-noted form). If you already have the required items you can talk to him again, he will thank you, allow you to use his anvils any time and the quest will complete immediately.

If you need to mine the ores yourself you will need level 15 mining (for Iron ore), and a pickaxe, although one is given to you by Doric. You can mine at the Rimmington mine south of Falador but the closest spot to mine all ores is the Dwarven Mine, the main entrance is down a ladder, located west of Barbarian Village and south of Ice Mountain. Head immediately south and you will find all the rocks required to mine both iron and copper ore. Head further south and you will find clay rocks. Mine the correct amounts and return to Doric to complete the quest, you could use a Falador teleport if available to save yourself walking back the whole way.

If you don't have level 15 mining required to obtain iron ore and are unable or unwilling to purchase it, then there are alternative methods. For paid members, pickpocketing H.A.M members, located in the H.A.M hideout north-east of Lumbridge, gives an uncommon chance of an iron ore. You will however require at least 15 thieving level and preferably 20 thieving level or higher to be able to pickpocket all members. When caught there is a chance you are beaten and thrown outside, or in jail. If you end up in jail you can pick the door lock to gain re-entry to the hideout. A F2P method is killing the Barbarians in Barbarian village who also sometimes drop iron ore, they are relatively weak with combat levels 10 and 17, but low level players should still be wary.

On completion of the quest you will be granted access to Doric's anvils. You will also receive: 1 quest point, 1300 mining exp and 180 coins.

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