Heroes' Quest OSRS Guide

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Skill Requirements
  • Items Required
  • Useful Items
  • Details
  • Quest Walkthrough

Quest Prerequisites

  • Shield of Arrav
  • Lost City
  • Merlin's Crystal
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Druidic Ritual
  • 55 quest points

Skill Requirements

  • 36 woodcutting (There is no woodcutting needed during this quest but it's needed to complete Lost City)
  • 53 cooking
  • 53 fishing
  • 25 herblore
  • 50 mining

Items Required

  • A fishing rod
  • Fishing bait
  • Either a dusty key (to access Taverley dungeon) or a knife/ any weapon with the ability to slash.
  • A pickaxe
  • a harralander potion (unf) or the items to make one (a harralander herb a vial of water)
  • Ice gloves - if you don't already have them you will have to be able to kill the ice queen (with combat level 111)
  • If you are a member of the Black Arm Gang you will need the following: black full helm, black plate body and black plate legs.
  • If you are a member of the Phoenix Gang you will need either a magic attack spell or a ranged weapon with a long range combat ability with some arrows and be able to kill a level 22 enemy.
  • You will also need another who chose the opposing gang during the Shield of Arrav quest to help you complete this quest. You can ask in the clan chat “Osrs Soa” for anyone in the opposing gang who would be willing to help.

Useful Items

  • Any two logs (that are ignitable) and a tinderbox
  • Food
  • Combat equipment and armour
  • Stamina potions
  • 2 Varrock teleports
  • Teleport to Ardougne, then 30gp to to Brimhaven via Captain Barnaby's ship)
  • Teleport near Port Sarim - Falador and Draynor Village (via the amulet of glory) are both close
  • Teleport near Burthorpe – the miningame teleport to the Burthorpe games room/ games necklace).



In order to join the Heroes' Guild you must prove your worth. You will need to complete a series of challenges to obtain a number of items.



Official Length

Medium to long

Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest go to the Heroes' Guild just south of Burthtorpe Castle. To get to Burthorope Castle you can use the games necklace or, if you are able to, the minigame teleport to Burthorpe games room, then go upstairs and head south. Speak to Achietties who will be outside the eastern entrance, she tells you only the greatest heroes of this land may gain entrance to the guild. Tell her you would like to join and she will tell you in order to join you will need to obtain 3 items, they are: an Entranan firebird feather, a master thieves armband and a cooked lava eel. After assuring her you will get all the items she will wish you good luck.

This section describes how to get the ice gloves, if you already have them you can skip this section. You should bring the following with you: combat equipment, armour, food, stamina potions, any pickaxe, 2 logs, a tinderbox, harralander potion (unf) and your Port Sarim teleportation method for after the fight. Next, head south from the Heroes' Guild towards Taverely, then west towards the the south eastern foot of the White Wolf Mountain. Follow the outer eastern path of the mountain (it has grass and no ice wolves), north. Keep going until you reach the northern end of the mountain, then head west, pass two trapdoors then go south onto an icy section. From this point onwards there will be many aggressive enemies. run east and you will find a rock slide. Mine the rock slide, go east some more and you will find 3 ladders, go down the southern ladder. Inside the mountain dungeon head south-west, follow to path around a corner and you will find another ladder, climb up it. Back on the surface, take the eastern ladder back down. Run north until you reach the next ladder at the end of a long path, go up it, then go down the north-eastern ladder. Run north into a multi-combat area full of ice warriors and an ice queen. If you run to the northern section you can attack the ice queen without being attacked by the ice warriors. The ice queen will only attack with melee so use protect from melee if you wish. Once defeated she will drop the ice gloves. Teleport out of there close to Port Sarim.

Either in Falador or Draynor Village depending on the teleportation method you used, go to a bank and get the following: 100 gp, some stamina potions, teleportation method to Ardougne, your ice gloves and an amulet of glory. Bank all armour (weight reducing armour is allowed) and weapons also as you are not allowed to enter Entrana with them. From Falador head south-east to Port Sarim and from Draynor Village head west, once there go to the northern port of Port Sarim and travel to Entrana by asking a monk of Entrana, who will check to make sure all your equipment is allowed. Once you arrive at Entrana go to the north-eastern part of the island near the mysterious ruins. Slightly west of the ruins you will find an Entranan firebird, kill it, equip your ice gloves and then pick up the feather. Afterwards, go to the ship in the south and return to Port Sarim.

In Port Sarim go the fishing shop, south-west of the Entrana ship and north of the food shop. Talk to Gerrant in the shop and ask how to catch lava eels, he tells you you'll need a lava-proof fishing line, created by covering a normal fishing rod in blamish oil. Gerrant then hands you a bottle of the blamish snail slime need to create the oil after recalling he had some. Buy a fishing rod from Gerrant and about 20 fishing bait. Use the blamish snail slime on the harralander potion (unf), then use the oil on your fishing rod to create an oily fishing rod. Before either of these methods you should bring a teleport to Ardougne,Varrock, Burthorpe, 30gp to use Captain Barnaby's boat to Brimhaven and some food. If you are in the Black Arm Gang, you should bring the black full helm, black plate body and black plate legs or if you are in the Phoenix Gang you should bring a long-ranged weapon and bows or a magic attack spell. There are two fishing spot locations for the lava eels, either in the Taverley dungeon just south of the blue dragons, or in the lava maze in level 45 wilderness. If you wish to go to the lava maze, teleport to Ardougne and head to the most western point of east Ardougne, there will be a teleport switch just north of the gate to west Ardougne, pull it to go to the deserted keep in the wilderness. From there head south east, through the gate, the west until you reach the lava maze. Go to the south-eastern entrance of the lava maze, to enter you will need to cut/slash the webs, then follow the path until you come to the fishing spot, highlighted on the map. If you want to use the Taverley dungeon method you should equip the anti dragon shield and also the dusty key. Go to Taverley dungeon sign, south-west of Taverley and enter it via the ladder. If you have 70+ agility you can use the obstacle pipe shortcut, immediately to your east, then head south and you will see the lava eel fishing spots. Otherwise head north, then east through the gate and continue to the most eastern wall, then head south. Just keep following the path until you reach a section full of lava, cross the bridge and then go north. Go past the lesser demons, then use your dusty key on the gate to the west. Making sure you have equipped your dragon shield, continue west past the dragons, follow the path around to the south and you will come to three lava eel fishing spots. Fish for about 2-3 lava eels. Create a fire using one of your logs on a tinderbox, then use a lava eel on the fire to attempt to cook it, once you have a cooked lava eel you now have your second item. Teleport out of the dungeon to Varrock for the last part of the quest.

At Varrock, go to the headquarters of the gang you joined during the Shield of Arrav quest, if you have forgotten which gang you joined during that quest just lookup the last entry in the quest log for the Shield of Arrav quest and it will tell you. The Black Arm Gang's headquarters is in the south-western corner, just follow the path behind Charlie the tramp. If you joined the Phoenix Gang during the quest that headquarters is in the south-east, located on the mpa by a dungeon sign, just east of a cooking sign. If you are in the Black Arm Gang go to Katrina and ask her if there is anyway to get the rank of master thief. She tells you you will have to do something pretty amazing. She would like Pete's candlestick from Karamja, where apparently the security is very good. She tells you the password needed will be “four leaved clover”. This process is similar for Phoenix Gang members, just talk to Straven in their headquarters and receive a different password. Next, go Ardougne then head south and travel to Brimhaven on Captain Barnaby's boat. Go to the most eastern building in Brimhaven, south of the agility course, try to open the door in the middle section outside the building. A man named Grubor will ask “what do you want?”, tell him “four leaved clover” and that will allow you to open the door and enter the building. Talk to Trobert and ask if he can help you get Scarface Pete's candlestick, he informs you that Grip, the head guard, is one of the few people to carry a key to Pete's treasure room. Apparently Grip took on a new deputy, a black knight who had deserted from the black knight fortress. Volunteer to undertake the mission and he will give you ID papers to introduce yourself to Pete with. Leave the building and head north-west to Pete's mansion. Make sure you are wearing the black armour before you enter. A guard named Garv will ask who you are, you lie and tell him that you are the black knight mentioned earlier, and hand over your ID to prove it. You are now free to enter. Find and talk to Grip, introduce yourself and then ask what your duties are, he will tell you it's just various guard duties and that he will tell you more when necessary. Ask him if there's anything you can do now, he will hand you a key and tell you to find out what the key opens. Go back outside the mansion. Now you will need a partner for this section, or you can use an alt account with the opposite gang. To find a partner you can join the “Osrs Soa” (the Soa stands for Shield of Arrav, as this chat also serves as a place to find partners for that quest, so make it clear that you need help on the Heroes' Quest) clan chat in-game and ask, there are regularly helpful people in the clan chat. It is also possible to find people to help who have already completed the quest. Once you have found a partner Give the key to your Phoenix Gang partner. If you are using an alt and thus are controlling both players at once this is the process for both: once the Phoenix Gang member has the key they should head east to building with many pirates, talk to Alfonse the waiter and when he asks you what would you like to order give him the password “Gherkin”, this will give you access to the kitchen, through the north-western door. Inside the kitchen, talk to Charlie the cook. Tell him you are a fellow Phoenix Gang member, and then tell him you are the to steal Scarface Pete's Candlesticks. He tells you that they haven't made much progress in that task themselves, but that there is a secret door out the back of the kitchen that leads through the back of Mr Oldbors' garden, however they can't find a way beyond that. Push the south-western wall to open the secret door, then quickly head to the western building being wary of aggressive level 44 guard dogs. Once inside open the northern door by using the key on it. In this room take one square north-west so you are standing behind the hole in the wall. Equip your bow and arrow if you are using them instead of magic and wait for the Black Arm Gang member to complete the next section. The Black Arm Gang member should go back into the mansion, and go into the north-eastern room, west of the room the Phoenix Gang member is in. On the southern wall there is a drinks cabinet, open it, tell the guard that Grip won't mind you taking a look, then Grip will come running into the room annoyed that someone has opened his drinks cabinet. Once he is in sight of hole in the wall, the Phoenix Gang member should attack and kill Grip with arrows or magic, once he is dead this players job is finished and can return to front of the mansion and wait for the Black Arm Gang member to complete there mission. Sometimes the guards in the room will get in the way and make this tricky, so you may need to kill them before attempting this. The Black Arm Gang member should now take Grip's keyring and then enter the most western room in the mansion by going through the north-west door. East of the staircase open the locked door with Grip's keyring. Search the chests in this room to find 2 of Pete's candlesticks. Exit the room and then leave the mansion. Find your partner outside and give them one of the candlesticks.

You no longer need a player from another gang to finish the quest. Teleport to Varrock, go to a bank and get the other items requested by Achietties (fire feather and the cooked lava eel). Both players should return to their respective gang's headquarters to receive your reward, the master thief's armband. Now to finish the quest just teleport to Burthorpe using the games necklace and head south once again to see Achietties outside the Heroes' Guild. After telling her you have all of the required items you will have completed the quest, and you will receive the following: 1 quest point, access to the Heroes' Guild, 29232 spread across 12 skills, the ability to purchase and wield dragon battleaxes and maces, the ability to charge dragonstone jewellery scrolls, the ability to utilise the fountain of rune and the ability to recharge amulets of glory via the fountain of heroes in the Heroes' Guild dungeon.

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