Legends' Quest OSRS

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Skill Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Useful items
  • Details
  • Quest Walkthrough

Quest Prerequisites

  • Family Crest
  • Heroes' Quest
  • Shield of Arrav
  • Lost City
  • Merlin's Crystal
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Shilo Village
  • Jungle Potion
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Underground Pass
  • Biohazard
  • Plague City
  • Waterfall Quest
  • 107 quest points or more

Skill Prerequisites

  • 50 agility (boostable)
  • 50 crafting
  • 45 herblore (boostable)
  • 56 magic
  • 52 mining (boostable)
  • 42 prayer (43 is useful for protect from melee spell)
  • 50 smithing
  • 50 strength
  • 50 thieving
  • 50 woodcutting (boostable)
  • The ability to defeat multiple enemies up to combat level 187

Items Required

  • 3+ papyrus
  • 1+ charcoal
  • A machete/hatchet
  • 2 gold bar's
  • A hammer
  • Rope
  • A rune or dragon axe
  • 1+ lockpicks
  • Any pickaxe
  • 1+ unpowered orb
  • A vial of water
  • Runes to cast 2 of any charge orb spell (only 1 is needed, however there is a choice during the quest, to make the final battle slightly easier, requiring 2 charge orb spells.)
  • 1 soul rune, 1 mind rune, 1 earth rune and 2 law runes
  • 1 sapphire, 1 emerald, 1 ruby, 1 diamond, 1 opal, 1 jade and 1 red topaz
  • One ardrigal
  • One snake weed

Useful items

  • Ardougne teleport
  • Camelot teleport
  • Any bank teleport (such as ring of dueling, for castle wars or clan wars)
  • Dramen or Lunar staff for fairy ring access
  • Good food
  • Armour/ Weapons
  • Salve amulet
  • Super restore potion if not decently higher than the following levels: 50 agility, 50 thieving, 52 mining and 50 strength
  • Around 1000gp for boat rides from Ardougne to Brimhaven and Hajedy's cart to Shilo village
  • some additional gp to buy resources/equipment from Shilo village if unwilling to leave Karamja
  • Stamina potions



Travel to the Kharazi jungle on Karamja to complete a dangerous quest on behalf of Sir Radimus Erkle of the Legends' Guild.



Official Length

Very long

Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest go to the legends' guild, located north-east of east Ardougne (a path goes directly to the front gate) and close to the fairy ring with code B L R. Once there talk to either of the guards at the gate, ask to speak to someone in charge, he tells you Sir Radimus Erkle is a busy man and will only talk to you if you are eligible for a quest, ask to go on a quest and if you have all the requirements they will let you through to talk to him. Once through the gates enter the first building on the west and speak to Sir Radimus Erkle, tell him you would like to go on a quest for him and then ask him what is involved, he will ask you to travel to Kharazi jungle and complete a map for you, he will give you an incomplete map (Radimus notes) to use as a starting reference. He tells you to make friends with the locals there also so they will give you a totem pole for him to display in the Legends' guild. If you don't already have them, take 3 papyrus papers from the table (wait a few seconds for them to spawn after taking one) and a machete from the cupboard.

Make your way to Karamja, you can teleport there, take Captain Barnaby's ship (located just south of East Ardgougne market) to Brimhaven on Karamja or go to the fairy ring just north of Shilo Village and south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village using the code C K R. If you arrive via boat at Musa Point in northern Brimhaven, talk to Hajedy, located just south-east of the docks that Captain Barnaby will take you to, and take his cart for 200gp to Shilo Village. Alternatively you can walk from Brimhaven to Shilo village but there are a few aggressive enemies along the way, depending on your combat level. There is a bank at Shilo Village, make sure in your inventory you have the following: the Radimus notes, charcoal, 3+ sheets of papyrus, a hatchet/machete and some food if low level. Leave Shilo Village via the gate to the east, run past the section of fenced in aggressive undead ones (combat level 61 with a max hit of 7) and quickly jump over the fence, then head south to any area containing dense overgrown jungle, there are a few along the mountainous barrier between the Kharazi jungle and the rest of Karamja. You will need to use your machete/ hatchet to chop through it and gain access to the Kharazi jungle, this can be a frustrating process and one you will have to do a few times during the quest so it can take a bit of trial and error to get through, areas with the least vegetation are the fastest to traverse and moving the camera in closer can help to differentiate between areas that are accessible and those that aren't. After chopping your way through the overgrown vegetation you can drop any logs you may have acquired.

Once in the Kharazi jungle you will need to complete the map Sir Radmius Erkle gave you, do this by going to a central point, a western point and an eastern point, at each point right click on the Radimus notes and select complete to fill in that particular area of the map. You can check the map anytime to see if you have completed it correctly. You should be wary of jungle wolves with combat level 64 during this section, though all other enemies in the Kharazi jungle are normally unaggressive. After completion of the map, head back out of the jungle via one of the overgrown vegetation sections. Talk to any of the jungle foresters who are near the jungle entrance and close to Shilo Village they will ask for a copy of your map (Radimus notes) in exchange for their bull roarer. Use your notes on the forester, he will be amazed to see it completed and after making a copy will give the bull roarer, he tells you he won't be needing it anymore, but when he has used it in the past it has gotten the attention of the Kharazi jungle natives. Cut through the overgrowth again to re-enter the jungle, then use your bull roarer near a totem pole close to any pool of water to call for Gujuo, there are 5 totem poles in total and he can appear at any. Using the bullroarer when close to any enemies, such as the jungle savages or oomlie birds will make them aggressive and attack you, interrupting any action may have been doing, so make sure you are in a safe area before using it. You should make your way from east to west, as the cave you will need to visit after speaking to Gujuo is in the west. Gujuo asks why you make such a strange sound, disturbing the peace of the jungle, tell him you were hoping to attract the attention of a native, then tell him you would like to develop friendly relations with his people, he tells you it's a nice idea but that his people are very widely distributed across the jungle, ask him how you can bring them together, he will tell you about a totem pole people used to congregate at but it has been corrupted by evil, continue to ask him about this and eventually he will tell you his tribe's shaman, Ungadulu, is in trouble and is stuck in a cave to the west. Head to the north-western corner of the jungle, you will find a group of three rocks, search the south-eastern rock and select the option to squeeze through, there is a small chance you will fail and lose health so be aware of that if you have low hp, just keep attempting until you manage to squeeze through. Inside you will see a wall made of flames in the middle of the cave, right click on any part of it and click investigate, Ungadulu will tell you not to approach the flames as they will incinerate you, ask him how to extinguish the flames, a possessed Ungadulu will tell you not to, and to leave now, ask how to get the pure water and once again he will tell you leave. While in this part of the cave you should collect some of Ungadulu's notes, they can be found on the table, from the crate and on the bed. The notes tell you Ungadulu was preparing a ritual in the cave to summon and pay homage to his ancestors but an evil presence filled the cave and he fell prey to it. Investigate the fire wall again and ask who he is, he will tell you, and that he is Ungadulu and he has been trapped there for many years, ask how to extinguish the flames once again, he will get angry and tell you to leave, next ask him where to get the pure water and Ungadulu will momentarily break from his demonic possession and tell you "from the above land, hurry and release me", he will then throw himself on the floor and start convulsing. Leave the cave, find a spot not close to enemies and use the bull roarer again to call Gujuo, tell him Ungadulu's message that you need pure water to extinguish the flames, Gujuo will then tell you the pure water is located in the middle of the Kharazi jungle. He tells you in order to hold the pure water you need a blessed golden bowl made of a material known as metal of the sun. Ask him what is metal of the sun, he tells you it's a bright coloured metal uncommonly found, suitable for creating such a bowl. Continue asking him the following questions regarding where to find it, and how to bless it and eventually he will give you a sketch of the vessel. He also tells you to in order to bless the vessel you should call for him again. Look at the sketch before you continue to the next section.

Withdraw 2+ gold bars, a hammer and a super restore potion (if prayer is not much greater than 42) if you do not have them in your inventory already, then go to an anvil. The Camelot teleport is useful as it's near an anvil and a bank just north-west of the teleport location in Seers' village, or if you are walking there is anvil at Tai Bwo Wannai Village and you can use the bank at Shilo Village along the way. Attempt to make a bowl, using a boost if below 50 smithing. You may fail, so bring a few gold bars to save unnecessary trips. Return to the Kharazi jungle and call Gujuo using the ball roarer again, he will turn your bowl into a blessed bowl suitable for holding pure water. If the process fails you will lose 5 prayer points, so if your prayer is then lower than 42 you will need to use the super restore potion in order to attempt the process again. You will need the following items for the next section: Radimus notes, bull roarer, axe, pickaxe, machete/hatchet, 1+ lock-picks, 1 soul rune, 1 earth rune, 1 mind rune, 2 law runes, the blessed gold bowl, 1 sapphire, 1 emerald, 1 ruby, 1 diamond, 1 opal, 1 jade, 1 red topaz, a super restore if needed and also equipment for combat, so get them now before you obtain the pure water as if you leave the jungle the pure water will evaporate. Once you are ready go the pure water pool in the centre of the jungle, use your machete on a reed nearby to get a hollow reed, then use it on the water to siphon it into the blessed bowl.

Return to the cave, go to the east and you will find a bookshelf with a crevice behind it, squeeze through the crevice. Follow the path and you will come to an ancient gate, use your lock-pick on the gate, read the messages as you attempt the lock-pick, it will let you know if you are about to fail so you can save a lock-pick by cancelling out (clicking away). Next up there are three boulders you need to smash through using a pickaxe, it requires a 52 mining and if you fail you will lose 1 mining point, if you have a mining level close to 52 there is a strong chance you will fail at least one boulder, either use a restore potion or just wait for for your mining level to replenish before continuing. You can drop the rocks you just mined as you don't need them. Once past the boulders you will reach a heavy door that needs to be forced open with brute force, using strength, if you fail you will lose a strength point similarly to mining the boulders. Follow the cave path, being wary of the Death Wings with combat level 83 (you can kill one to complete a Karamja diary hard task), and jump over the jagged wall. Half way across the western cave wall you will find markings, read it to reveal a riddle: "Place the five in order to pass or your life will dwindle until the last. All five are stones of magical power, place them wrong and your fate will sour. 'First is the spirit of man or beast, second is the place where thoughts are born, Third is the soil from which good things grow, Four and five are the rules all men should know.' All put together make the word of basic sense. And from perspective help make maps from indifference." The answer to the riddle is "smell", place the runes in the following order soul rune, mind rune, earth rune, law rune and then another law rune. If placed correctly you will enter the next section of the cave, if you die at anytime or otherwise leave the cave you will not have to re-enter the runes, you can just right click and search that section of the wall to pass through. In the next section you will see 7 pools of water, with a stalagmite in each. To pass this section you need to place 1 gem on each stalagmite, there is a correct order, shown in the image below. Resist the urge to reclaim the gem you have just placed, as doing so will not give you the gem, and will also require you to obtain another of the same gem to place, thus needing you to leave the jungle and then re-enter this section of the cave once again. Once you have entered the correct gems on the correct stalagmites you will receive the binding book, which gives the ability to bless vials and fill them with pure water from your blessed bowl. Wielding them while fighting demons will cause damage to the demon. Do not lose the binding book, if you do you will need to repeat the same steps of placing gems on stalagmites again.

There is a battle next, so if you need to restock combat gear/ potions go to a bank now, however you will need to re-obtain the pure water from the pool as it will evaporate on leaving the jungle. You can also go back the way you came through the cave, saving the need to replenish your pure water. Once you are ready go back to the fire wall and use your the pure water on it. Once inside the wall of fire, use the book of binding on Ungadulu, causing a supernatural light to appear from its pages, causing Ungadulu's face to twist and contort in its illumination. The demonically possessed Ungadulu will curse you for meddling in his dealings, and wish death upon you. Ungadulu will then fall to the floor unconscious and and you will have released the demon named Nezikchened who warns you "your faith will help you little here". At the start of the battle he will your drain you prayer points, so use restore or prayer potions if you need prayer, particularly for protection spells. He will only use melee if you are next to him. You can safespot him from the desk, if you do he will use his magic attack, but use ranged against him if you do rather than magic as he is highly resilient to magic spells. There is little difference between using ranged or melee against him so choose whichever stat of yours is higher. Before he dies he will cast the spell fire blast, which can kill you if you have low hp so be wary of that and switch your protection spell to protect from magic if you need to. Nezikchened will tell you he will return before he dies. Ungadulu will thank you for helping defeat the demon and release him from his possession, he will ask what he can do to repay your great favour. Tell him you need to collect some yommi tree seeds to give to Gujuo, he will give you some, and also tell you it is a hard task to grow such a tree, he tells you to soak them in the pure water before planting them. It is recommended to use the drop trick to obtain a few more yommi tree seeds as there is a considerable chance of failing the planting/ harvesting of tree process later.

Return to the jungle and refill your bowl with the pure water using the hollow reed again, then use the water on your seeds to germinate them. Attempt to refill the bowl but a message will inform you the pool of water has dried up. Use your bull roarer to call Gujuo again, he thinks the underground source of water has been blocked off somhow, and that you will need to go through the dark tunnel to investigate. In order to enter the dark tunnel you will need to use a potion of courage, which can be made from ardrigal, snake weed and vial of water. Go to a bank to retrieve these items and also the runes, staff and unpowered orb to cast a charge spell (bring 2 charge spells if you would like to make a choice that final battle easier, but makes the quest longer), also keep the same items/gear as last time as you will need to take the same path through the cave and fight Nezikchened for the second time. To make the potion use the snake weed on a vial of water, then add the ardrigal to create a single dose of bravery potion, but don't take it yet.

Return to the cave and follow the path you took last time, using boosts and restore potions if you need to. Once you get to the room where you placed the gems on the stalagmites you will find an old gate to your north. To pass through it you will need to use any charge spell on it (if you leave the cave for any reason and have to re-enter you will require another charge spell), after you cast the spell you will be forced through with a message saying the spell destroyed the orb, and that that it seemed the door was a test of magical ability. In the room beyond the door there is large gaping hole and a winch, a message tells you the room fills you with a great feeling of dread. if you don't have a rope you can get one from the crates nearby, the crates also contain some food, weapons and even enemies. Before you use the winch take you bravery potion, then attach a rope to the wynch, the rope will stay permanently attached to it (if it isn't visible just search the winch and you will see it again), and then lower yourself down through the hole to the area below. Once down you will be at the top of a small winding path, next to you there a blue wizard hat, you can try and take it but it is the spirit of Viyeldi, he warns you may lose your head in search of the source. There are multiple agility obstacles along the path and a warning will appear before you attempt to pass each one, just click "yes I can think of nothing more exciting!" to attempt each one. use an agility boost now if you need to as failing the obstacles will cause you to fall to the ground, causing considerable damage, and the chance of being immediately attack by one of the enemies below. The damage you take increases based on the height of your fall. Sometimes you will fail an obstacle, but cling onto the edge of the path instead of falling, you will still take a small amount of damage but be able to contine down the path afterwards. When you're at the bottom you will see groups of the following 3 undead warriors: Ranalph Devere (combat level 92), Irvig Senay (combat level 100) and San Tojalon (combat level 106). Talk to each one, they will say "prepare yourself" and then you can attack and defeat them. Wearing a salve amulet (received after completion of the Haunted Mine quest) will increase your attack and strength by 15% whilst fighting them. You will receive the following items: lump of crystal, hunk of crystal and chunk of crystal. In the north-east you will find a furnace next to a pool of lava, use any part of the crystal on the furnace, click through the dialogue informing you that it requires more parts and repeat this process for the other two, the heat in the furnace rises causing the pieces to fuse together, when it cools you are able to pick up the heart crystal. Head back west to the centre of the dungeon and look on your minimap for a rocky outcrop pattern that looks like a dragon head. Find the eye of the dragon in it there will be a mossy rock, search it and a message will in your game text will tell you "these rocks look somehow manufactured", use your heart crystal on it, the rock will vibrate and hum and the heart crystal will glow. This will let you pass through the shimmering field to the south-east. Go through it and you will be faced with 3 lesser demons, you don't need to fight them so you can run past them to the west and to the source of the pure water blocked by large boulders.

Attempt to push either of the boulders but you will be interrupted by the appearance of a spirit named Echned Zekin, he will tell you he is being tortured by another spirit, Viyeldi. He will give you a dagger to carry out this task. It is your choice to kill Viyeldi or not, but even if you don't you must keep the dagger to give to Ungadulu later. Now you have a choice to make, either a short path or a long path. The main negative of the short path is having to battle the 3 undead warriors that you killed earlier, again, in the final (third) fight against Nezikchened. To complete the short path choice just do as Echned Zekin tells you, go back to the top of the spiral path you traversed earler, and at the top next you will see a blue wizard hat on the floor, talk to it, the spirit Viyeldi will appear, stab him with the dagger, your dagger will now be glowing. Now return to the the pool with the boulders. Before attempting to push the boulder again (using the southern boulder as a safespot if you wish) talk to Echned Zekin and tell you him you did as he asked, it was a trick and Echned Zekin will reveal himself to be Nezikchened. He drains your prayer at the start once again, and the battle mechanics are the same as the previous incarnation of him, with the exception of him casting fire blast at the end of the battle. Once the battle is completed you are now free to move the boulder, any boulder is fine, then fill your blessed golden bowl with the pure water. The long path requires you to return to the first section of the cave, with the fire wall. Investigate the fire wall and Ungadulu's magic will now allow you to pass through it. Show Ungadulu the dagger Echned Zekin gave you by using it on him, he recognises it and tells you there is an evil force within it, he then takes it from you and gives you a holy force spell card. This card can be used to severly weaken demons during battle. Restock for another battle if you need to then make your way back to the pool of water and boulders, requiring another charge orb spell to pass through the ancient gate again. Once back at the pool of water, attempt to push the boulder to start the battle against Nezikchened. The battle is the same as in the short path, but using the holy force spell card at the start will greatly reduce his magic strength, he will realise this after a while and switch to just using melee though. If you can't defeat him fast enough the battle will fully reset, including his magic strength, you will have to push the boulder again to restart it.

Teleport out of the cave and either walk to the bank in Shilo Village or teleport directly to a bank. You will need the following items for the final part of the quest: Radimus notes, bull boarer, rune axe (or better), a machete/hatchet, yommi seeds, the blessed bowl and equipment for the final battle. Fill your bowl again, using the hollow reed to syphon the water. Next find a fertile patch to plant the germinated seeds, the patches are locatable by brown rectangles on the minimap with no vegetation growing on it. Make sure to use a patch not close to the aggressive wolves as they can interrupt this process. Use your bull roarer to call Gujuo and ask him for instructions on what to do next. He will tell you to refill your bowl, then plant the seeds in the patch, keep attempting to plant them until you are successful, the success rate is based on your herblore level. The yommi tree will grow at an extremely fast rate, when it reaches its second phase (looks like a bush the same height as your character) use your bowl of pure water on it again, then it will grow to it's adult phase. You must do the next part quickly, as if you fail you will have to get more yommi seeds and repeat the germination and planting process again. Use your axe on the final tree, then keep using it on it until you can't anymore and there should be a totem on the ground, quickly take it before it rots. If you are an ironman with below level 75 woodcutting you now have an opportunity (unavailable after the quest completes) to obtain magic logs without the normally required woodcutting level, the method is letting a yommi tree grow and die, then chopping it down, it can take a while to get the required amount of magic logs but worth it if you plan to do any of the following quests: desert treasure (12 logs needed), mournings end part I (1 needed) and monkey madness II (1 needed). You need to do this method before obtaining the totem pole as it will not be possible after that. Next go to a location of any of the old totem poles, try and replace it with your one. Use protect from melee if need be and now the final battle will start. The battle is different depending on whether you chose the long or short path, if you chose the short path then you will fight one of the undead warriors at a time between fighting Nezikchened. If you chose the long path you won't have to fight the undead warriors, and it will be a similar fight to the last 2, with a prayer drain at the start, although he is the most powerful of the 3. Once the battle is finished, use your totem pole again the old totem pole, a message informs you "you feel a lightness in the air, almost as if the Kharazi jungle were sighing". Gujuo will then come to talk to you, without the need for the bull roarer, he tells you him and his people saw you battle with the demon and they are pleased with your heroic effort. He gives you a golden coloured totem pole as a mark of his appreciation. Next, return to the legends guild, the guards will let you through the gate, wishing you good luck on your quest. Return to Sir Radimus Erkle's building and give him the totem and Radimus notes, he will tell you to meet him in the legends' guild building to receive your reward. Exit the building and head north to the legends' guild building, find Sir Radimus Erkle in there, talk to him, he will tell you he has made your totem pride of place in the legends guild, you can see it in the middle of the room. You are now a fully fledged member of the legends' guild, he then offers you 4 lots of free exp training, which can be used on any skills that were used during the quest (including combat skills) giving 7650 experience for each. You can choose to use them now or later, return to him anytime if you wish to use them later. You will now have completed the quest, your rewards are: 4 quest points, access to the legends guild and 4 times 7650 experience in any skill used during the quest, the ability to wield the dragon sq shield, the ability to charge your skills necklace and combat bracelet at the legends' guild or the fountain of rune (south of the wilderness volcano), access to the Kharazi jungle via the agility level 79 vine shortcut. Legends' Quest is also a requirement for the quest Dragon Slayer II.

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