OSRS Magic Guide

Table of Contents

  • Useful Quests
  • Useful Items
  • Low Cost Methods
  • High Cost Methods
  • F2P Methods

Useful Quests

  • Witch's Potion: 325
  • Imp Catcher: 875
  • Fairytale 1 – Growing Pains: 1000
  • The Grand Tree: 2150
  • Recipe for Disaster (Lumbridge Guide Subquest): 2500
  • Horror from the Deep: 4662
  • Watchtower: 15'250 (requires 15 magic)
  • Spirits of the Elid: 1000 (requires 33 magic)
  • The Giant Dwarf: 1500 (requires 33 magic)
  • Enakhra's Lament: 7000 (requires 39 magic)
  • King's Ransom: 5000 (requires 45 magic)
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie: 12'000 (requires 46 magic)
  • Desert Treasure: 20'000 (requires 50 magic)
  • Lunar Diplomacy: 5000 (requires 65 magic)
  • Dream Mentor: 10'000 (requires 65 magic)
  • Swan Song: 15'000 (requires 66 magic)
  • *Note: Some quests may have pre-quest requirements .

Useful Items

Elemental Staves

There are 4 basic elemental staves: air, water, earth and fire which provide an unlimited amount of that given rune. They also come in battle and mystic form, which each give increased magic and combat bonus'.

Combination Staves

There are 6 combination staves, which combine the basic elemental runes into one staff, they only come in battle and mystic form, but also, like the elemental staves, provide an unlimited amount of both runes. They are: lava, mud, steam, smoke, mist and dust.

Rune Pouch

The rune pouch is useful as it allows you to store 3 different runes in 1 inventory space, with a maximum capacity of 16'000 for each rune stored. It can be bought from a slayer master for 1250 points.

Magic Armour Pieces

This Amulet gives a +10 magic bonus. You can buy it from the GE or from Davon's amulet store in Brimhaven. They can also be created at level 7 magic by using the level 1 enchant spell on a sapphire amulet. The Seers ring offers a +6 magic bonus and is dropped by the Dagannoth Prime in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, you can double the bonus by imbuing it which requires 650'000 Nightmare Zone reward points. The Brimstone ring also offers +6 magic bonus and can be created by combining the eye, fang and heart of the Alchemical Hydra found in the lower level of the Karuulm slayer dungeon. With level 60 defence you can wield the malediction ward shield, which offers +12 magic bonus and +15 magic defence bonus. At level 60 magic you can equip the God capes, awarded after defeating Kolodion in all four of his forms during the mage arena miniquest. The cape offers the highest magic bonus of any cape in the game with +10 magic bonus. This bonus increases to +15 magic bonus after imbuing it. To imbue the cape you require level 75 magic and must take an ent's roots, justiciars hand and a demon's heart to Kolodion during the Mage arena 2 miniquest. Eternal boots give +8 magic and magic defence bonus, which is the highest magic bonus for any boots in the game

Magic Armour Sets

You can wear Zamorak robes or wizard robes with no requirements, giving +4 and +5 magic bonus respectively. After you have ring of visibility from completing the start of the Desert Treasure quest, you can obtain the ghostly robes by completing the Curse of the Empty Lord quest which give +21 magic bonus and +21 magic defence bonus with few other requirements. Xerician robes give +23 magic bonus and +23 magic defence bonus. You can purchase them from the GE or you can create them by crafting the xerician fabric dropped by lizardmen. To craft a full set you need 22 crafting and 12 fabrics, as well as a needle and thread, they require level 20 magic to equip. At level 40 magic and level 20 defence you can wear the robes of darkness which give +45 magic and magic defence bonus. Either purchasable for around 630k gp, or awarded from completing a master treasure trail. With the same magic and defence requirements you can equip mystic robes which offer the same bonus, come in 4 types (light, blue, dark and dust) and cost from 150k-600k gp depending on the type. They can also be obtained as loot from monsters, particularly slayer monsters. The dusk variety can also be received by opening a Brimstone chest on Mount Karuulm. The full Lunar armour set plus the amulet, ring and staff gives +42 magic bonus and +43 magic defence bonus. It requires 65 magic and 40 defence to wear. It is created by the player during the Lunar diplomacy quest, while it has a lower bonus than others with a similar requirements you should complete Lunar Diplomacy for the Lunar Spell-book anyway so it is worth getting. Requiring 25 defence and 50 magic the infinity robes give a large +55 bonus in magic and magic defence. The full infinity robes set can be obtained from the rewards guardian during the mage training arena minigame, in exchange for the following Pizazz points: 1495 telekinetic, 1695 alchemist, 14'700 enchantment and 1495 graveyard. Alternatively they can be purchased from the GE for around 12.6m gp. The second best magic armour set for magic bonus is the ancestral robes, which are can be obtained as rare drops from the Chambers of Xeric. They require level 75 magic and level 65 defence to equip. They give +69 magic bonus and +53 magic defence bonus. The current, at time of writing, GE price for the full set (hat, robe top and robe bottom) is 127.5m gp. The best magic armour in the game is Ahrim the Blighted's equipment, received as a reward from the barrows minigame. It gives +73 magic and +73 magic defence bonus, the set has the effect blighted aura which has a 25% chance of lowering the enemy's strength by five levels, The effect works even if the spell misses (splashes). in addition players wearing an amulet of the damned in addition to the set will be able to autocast spells from the ancient magicks spell-book. Another effect of this combination is a 25% chance of dealing a hit on an enemy with 30% increased damage applied.

Low Cost Training

Elemental Spells/ Splashing (1 – 19)

When starting off magic training one of the best methods is casting the basic elemental spells on enemies with low combat. The rats near Lumbridge are a good place to start, or similarly the seagulls at Port Sarim. Casting Confuse and Weaken spells are also good. But to effectively use them you need to have -65 magic (which can be achieved through different armour/ gear choices), because of such a low magic level you will always fail in using it, but still gain the experience. The reason this is done is because when an enemy is hit with that spell you cannot cast it again until the effect wears off.

Splashing Curse (19 – 45)

Starting at level 19 you can cast the spell Curse, using the splashing method talked about above, which also needs -65 magic. Any enemies you can safespot are good to train on. If you can't get down to -65 magic then it's good to target large groups of enemies, so you can target another enemy if you don't fail your spell on one of them. A good location for this method is the barbarian encampment, where you can use the rocks in the centre as a safespot.

Superheat (43 – 55)

Using the superheat item can often break-even, have small loss or even create a small profit, additionally it gives smithing experience. The spell turns ores into bars, but unlike with normal smithing you don't need to go to a furnace so can train by the bank. At level 45 you can use the Camelot teleport, repeatedly, which generates around 80'000 exp per hour, and with a higher magic level you can combine this with other spells to increase this hourly.

High Alchemy (55+)

From level 55 you can cast high level alchemy, which converts items to coins at the best price you would get at a store. It is best to use on noted items so you can cast high level alchemy continually without having to do bank runs. This method can also be combined with other magic training methods or other skills entirely such as agility. This method in itself can be profitable but will often require a large investment at the Grand Exchange, and checking of the latest prices there.

Ice Barrage/ Ice Burst (94+)

After completion of the Desert Treasure quest you can cast Ice Barrage and Ice Burst on Dust Devils, Smoke Devils and Greater Nechryael during the Slayer tasks. This is also one of the best ways to train Slayer, You can gain around 300-350k xp/hr at the highest levels.

High Cost Training

Enchanting Crossbows (4+)

Enchanting crossbows is a costly method but can be very fast, with nearly 75k exp/hr possible from level 27 it is one of the faster methods available. It should be noted that the exp rate for red topaz is not greater than Emerald bolts, and is also more costly so should be skipped. The experiences, costs and required magic levels are as follows: Opal bolts (magic 4, xp/hr 18k, cost/xp 16.67 gp), Sapphire bolts (magic 7, xp/hr 34'000, cost/xp 36.71 gp), Jade bolts (magic 14, xp/hr 3800, effectively no cost as untradable), Pearl bolts (magic 24, xp/hr 58k, cost/xp 23.79 gp), Emerald bolts (magic 27, xp/hr 74k, cost/xp 10.3 gp), Ruby bolts (magic 49, xp/hr 118k, cost/xp 23.19 gp), Diamond bolts (magic 57, xp/hr 134k, cost/xp 10.42 gp), Dragonstone bolts (magic 68, xp/hr 156k, cost/xp 27.5 gp), Onyx bolts (magic 87, xp/hr 194k, cost/xp 5.55).

Maniacal Monkeys (70+)

Killing Maniacal Monkeys at Ape Atoll is a very fast way to train magic, offering 315k xp/hr when using Ice burst and 410k xp/hr when using Ice Barrage. Only partial completion of the Monkey Madness 2 quest is required to gain access to Kruk's Dungeon where you can perform this method. You will also need the level 43 prayer spell, protect from melee. To reach the top rates you should use the Ape Atoll teleport tab or spell to get there as quickly as possible. The best gear/ equipment should: increase your max hit, increase your prayer bonus and increase your magical accuracy.

String Jewellery (80+)

At level 80 of the Lunar Spell-book you can cast the String Jewellery spell. This spell strings amulets in your inventory together without the need for a ball of wool. You can gain around 160k xp/hr with this method. It is also good, as compared to other methods it is quite low click intensive, giving xp for each amulet in inventory, automatically after just one cast is performed. It can be a very expensive method though with some amulets costing up to 100 gp/xp. Using Topaz amulets can often be profitable though so it's worth to refer to the GE prices before using this method. Alternatively at level 80 you can perform the stun spell from the normal spell book, it can be used as another combination method, such as with High Level Alchemy or Teleporting. A good place to use this method is at the Ardougne teleport in the market, as there are many guards quickly available to you. Using this highly click intensive method you can gain around 200k xp/hr. Similar to the splashing method, equipment to reduce magic to -65 is required to get the highest experience rates from this method.

Magic Imbue (82+)

After completing the Lunar Diplomacy quest, and at magic level 82, you can cast the Magic Imbue spell from the Lunar Spell-book. It offers low experience rates and costs around 3.9/xp but the benefit is it can be trained alongside other skills as the spell does not interfere with other actions (can be performed alongside them), it also only requires 1 inventory space for lunar runes, with a steam staff equipped.

F2P Methods

Wind Strike (1-17)

using a staff and casting wind strike on the low level enemies around Lumbridge is the best way to start training magic in F2P. Good, low-hp enemies to train on include: cows, goblins, chickens, rats, spiders etc.. or alternatively you can cast spells like confuse or curse, a good F2P setup for splashing is the cursed goblin staff and full iron armour, this will give -65 magic bonus exactly.

Fire Strike/ Bolt and Blast(13+)

At level 13 you gain access to the fire strike spell, at 35 the fire bolt spell, and at 59 the fire blast spell (the strongest spell in F2P), with -65 magic bonus (using the previously mentioned method), you can afk splash for up to 20 minutes, which is the timeout for any lack of activity in game. The xp rates are 13.7k xp/hr, 26.8k xp/hr and 41.1 xp/hr respectively. Fire bolt and fire blast can be fairly costly methods for F2P though, costing around 115k gp/hr for fire bolt and 270k gp/hr for fire blast.

Training on Higher Level Enemies (17+)

You can cast wind strike on enemies with higher hitpoints such as: The hill giants at Edgeville Dungeon, the lesser demon in the Wizard's Tower or the Al Kharid warriors, located in Al Kharid.

Teleport (25+)

There are a few teleport spells you can use in F2P to train magic, starting at level 25 magic with the Varrock teleport (the home teleport offers no magic exp, but uses no runes), then at level 31 the Lumbridge teleport and then at level 37 the Falador teleport. Using a staff of air will save on rune cost but with law runes being fairly high value, this is still quite an expensive method.

Telekinetic Grab (33+)

Level 33 unlocks telekinetic grab, which offers a profitable f2p magic training method, and possibly the highest money maker in f2p (outside of merching) “tele-grabbing” of zamorak wines. You can earn around 350k gp/hr tele-grabbing the wines that appear at the chaos temple just north west of the goblin village near Falador. The best gp rates are achieved in the upstairs section which can only be accessed with a total level of 500 (only including F2P skills), and by wearing Zamorak robes. This isn't the highest xp/hr rates for this method, as the Wines spawn fairly slowly about once every 30 seconds depending on the population of the world you are on, it is also possible to miss a grab as this method is fairly crowded in F2P worlds. You can also telegrab limpwurt roots and nature runes from hobgoblins, that can be safespotted from the cow field near the crafting guild.

High Level Alchemy (55+)

You can cast high alchemy at level 55. Unlike P2P you have a more limited item choice so more diligence should be taken whilst researching GE prices and item choices. This can still be a very profitable method though. This method can also be combined with the teleport method, alching as you leave and as your arrive at the teleport location to maximise experience rates.

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