OSRS Smithing Guide

Smithing Guide

Table of Contents

  • Useful Quests
  • Useful Items
  • Fastest Exp Methods
  • Money Saving Methods
  • Money Making Methods
  • Blast Furnace Guide

Useful Quests

  • Dragon Slayer II: 25000 Exp (Req. 200 Quest Points, 70 Smithing, 75 Magic, 68 Mining, 62 Crafting, 60 Agility, 60 Thieving, 50 Construction, 50 Hitpoints)
  • Song of the Elves: 20000 Exp (Req. 70 Smithing, 70 Construction, 70 Agility, 70 Farming, 70 Herblore, 70 Hunter, 70 Mining, 70 Woodcutting)
  • The Knights Sword: 12725 Exp (Req. 10 Mining)
  • Elemental Workshop II: 7500 Exp (Req. 30 Smithing, 20 Magic)
  • Cabin Fever: 7000 Exp (Req. 50 Smithing, 42 Agility, 45 Crafting, 40 Range)
  • Devious Minds: 6500 Exp (Req 65 Smithing, 50 Runecrafting, 50 Fletching)
  • Elemental Workshop I: 5000 Exp (20 Smithing, 20 Mining, 20 Crafting)
  • Between a Rock: 5000 Exp (Req 50 Smithing, 30 Defense, 40 Mining)
  • The Giant Dwarf: 2500 Exp (Req. 14 Thieving, 12 Crafting, 16 Firemaking, 33 Firemaking)
  • Heroes Quest: 2257 Exp (Req. 55 Quest Points, 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing, 25 Herblore, 50 Mining)
  • RFD Pirate Pete Subquest: 1000 Exp (31 Cooking)
  • The Forsaken Tower: 500 Exp (Req. 20% Lovakengj favor)

Useful Items

Goldsmith Gauntlets

These gauntlets are obtained from the Family Crest Quest as one of three choices of a reward. They are the only item currently in game that offers a boost to Smithing Exp when worn. When equipped they will grant users 2.5 times Exp rates for smelting Gold Ore with a furnace or through the Superheat item spell, changing the per bar Exp rate from 22.5 to 55.2.

Coal Bag

Obtained from the Motherlode Mine, this bag will hold an additional 27 Coal in your inventory. Used for smithing ore into bars due to the increased capacity and ability to smith more bars per inventory.

Ice Gloves

These blue gloves are obtained by killing the Ice Queen located atop of White Wolf Mountain. When worn in the Blast Furnace, they save time by automatically quenching the hot bars.

Fastest Exp Methods

Questing (1 - 37)

Due the low requirements of the quests,completing The Knight's Sword, Elemental Workshop I and II, The Giant Dwarf, Heroes' Quest and Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe for Disaster will grant a total of 30,982 experience or level 37 Smithing. If fully quested, players only need to make an additional 50 Iron Platebodies to reach level 40 needed for smithing Gold Ore in the Blast furnace.

Alternative Non-Questing Option(1 - 40)

If Questing is not your cup of tea, the fastest way to level your smithing is by smithing your highest possible Bronze items from levels 1 to 30, then highest possible Iron items from levels 30-40.

Gold Ore via Blast Furnace (40 - 99)

The Blast Furnace is Smithing Minigame located in the caves of Keldagrim. The Minigame is unlocked after starting The Giant Dwarf quest for access to Keldagrim. Although the requirements are quite low, this will remain the fastest Smithing Exp in game from levels 40 to 99 provided the players take advantage of the Goldsmithing Gauntlets. Like mentioned earlier in this guide, the gauntlets increase the base Exp while smithing Gold Ore from 22.5 Exp to 56.2 Exp. Prior to level 60 Smithing, you will be required to pay the Blast Furnace Foreman (located inside the Minigame) 2500 OSRS Gold for every 10 minutes you spend inside. If used from levels 40 to 99, players will need to smelt ~230k Gold Ore into Bars via the Blast Furnace using the Goldsmithing Gauntlets. This is a very costly method to train and will cost players a whopping 52 Million OSRS Gold from levels 40 to 99 (Includes Stamina Potions and selling the gold bars). Players can expect to earn upwards of 380k Smithing Exp per hour, starting even at level 40 smithing. I will discuss the ins and of Blast Furnace later in the guide.

Money Saving Methods

Mithril Platebodies (68 - 88)

If you prefer to save most of your money while still getting great Exp rates, platebodies are your answer. Requiring 68 Smithing to make, Mithril platebodies can offer players up to 190k Smithing Exp per hour while being relatively AFK. Players will lose approximately 10 Million OSRS Gold if doing Mithirl platebodies from levels 68 to 88. Note: In world 308 players can sell their bulk collection of Mithril platebodies for over Grand Exchange prices but still under High-Alch value.

Adamant Platebodies (88 - 99)

Once level 88 is reached, it is worth the switch to Adamant platebodies if players are still seeking more AFK or cheaper methods than Blast Furnace. Players can reach rates of 240k Smithing Exp per hour doing Adamant platebodies at a relatively small loss of OSRS Gold. Players using this method from levels 88 to 99 will only lose roughly 10 Million OSRS Gold if alched. Note: In world 308 players can sell their bulk collection of Adamant platebodies for over Grand Exchange prices but still under High-Alch value.

Money Making Methods

Smelting bars via the Blast Furnace is one of very few ways to make OSRS Gold while also training the Smithing skill. Below are Exp and OSRS Gold rates for smelting via the Blast Furnace, including the use of a Coal Bag and Stamina potions.

Iron Bars (15 - 30)*

Smelting Iron bars from levels 15 to 30 Smithing will require 877 ore and will net roughly 34k OSRS Gold.

Steel Bars (30 - 50)*

Smelting Steel bars from levels 30 to 50 Smithing will require 5027 ore and will net roughly 1 Million OSRS Gold. Inventory setup for Steel: 27 Coal in bag, 27 Steel Ore

Mithril Bars (50 - 70)*

Smelting Mithril bars from levels 50 to 70 Smithing will require 62825 ore and will net roughly 15 Million OSRS Gold. Inventory setup for Mithril: 27 Coal in bag, 9 Coal in inventory, 18 Mithril ore.

Adamantite Bars (70 - 85)*

Smelting Adamantite bars from levels 70 to 85 Smithing will require 67226 ore and will net roughly 28 Million OSRS Gold. Inventory setup for Adamantite: 27 Coal in bag, 12 Coal in inventory, 13 Adamantite ore.

Runite Bars (85 - 99)*

Smelting Runite bars from levels 85 to 99 Smithing will require 195117 ore and will net roughly 115 Million OSRS Gold. Inventory setup for Runite: 27 Coal in bag, 13 Coal in inventory, 10 Runite ore.

Blast Furnace Guide

Located inside the Keldagrim caves, the Blast Furnace yields both the highest Smithing Exp rates and OSRS Gold per hour in the entire game. The furnace also only requires half as much Coal when smelting.

Useful Items

Goldsmithing Gauntlets (if smelting gold), Ice gloves, Stamina potions, Weight-reducing clothing such as Graceful, Boots of Lightness or a Spottier cape and OSRS Gold.

Helpful Tips

  1. When using Stamina potions, never carry multiple of them in your inventory. Instead, take one potion from your bank as you withdraw the ore, drinking them in between tasks. Once the potion has been finished drop it and withdraw more ore. This will keep your Exp rates higher due to the increased bar per hour rate.
  2. Before starting a session, run an inventory of ore onto the conveyor belt. This will allow you to immediately left-click the “Take” option for the bars when you begin your session, saving the time you would otherwise have to wait for the bars to cool.
  3. To speed up banking, when gearing up for a session, remove the placeholders for all equipped armor, the Coal Bag and Ice Gloves. Once removed, under bank settings, select “Fill with placeholders”. This will allow players to simply click the deposit inventory button with only the bars being banked.

Maximum Exp Route

  1. Equip Goldsmithing Gauntlets and Weight-reducing armor. Make sure Ice Gloves are in your inventory with the Coal Bag if needed and the ore you plan to smelt.
  2. With Goldsmithing Gauntlets equipped, run to and click onto the conveyor belt to deposit the ore.
  3. Once deposited, stand on the South of the bar catcher.
  4. As soon as the Smithing Exp drop is seen, equip the Ice Gloves to retrieve the hot bars and cool them into your inventory.
  5. Deposit bars, withdraw ore and repeat.
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