OSRS Vorkath Guide

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Level Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Items Drops
  • Vorkath Walkthrough

Quest Prerequisites

  • Dragon Slayer II (the main quest)
  • Legend’s Quest
  • Dream Mentor
  • A Tale of Two Cats
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Ghosts Ahoy
  • Bone Voyage

Level Prerequisites

  • 90+ Range
  • 85+ Defense
  • 75 magic
  • 70+ Prayer
  • 90+ Attack and Strength (if you prefer to melee)

Items Required

  • Full Void Range Set
  • Toxic Blowpipe
  • Pegasian Boots or Blessed Dragonhide Boots
  • Salve Amulet (ei)
  • Archers Ring (i)
  • Rune Darts or Higher
  • Any Ava’s Device
  • Shark or higher for food
  • Prayer Potions
  • 1 Extended or normal super antifire potion
  • 1 Anti-venom+
  • Saradomin Brews (if having trouble managing HP)
  • Super Restore Potions (if using Saradomin Brews.)
  • Rune Pouch with Crumble Undead runes
  • Dragon Warhammer or Bandos God Sword (optional for special attack)
  • A 1-click teleport item


  • 2000k+ GP per hour
  • 50k+ Range EXP per hour
  • Vorkath is an isolated instance so you cannot bring friends for group fights and split the loot. You are able to aid in buffing or boosting prior to entering the area, though.
  • Profit rates may vary due to the random nature of drops, although superior dragon bones will be a significant part of your profit. This boss is unlocked behind Dragon Slayer 2, in which a weaker version of Vorkath is featured within the quest.
  • Since Vorkath is both undead and a dragon, multiple item types can affect it. This includes the Salve amulet, Dragonhunter Crossbow, and Dragonhunter spear. The latter items stack with a Slayer Helmet.
  • He is guaranteed to drop Vorkath's head after 50 kills, or sooner if the player is lucky. This is used to upgrade the Ava’s accumulator to an Ava’s assembler. It can also be used to re-color the slayer helmet. Additional heads may be used for prayer experience or mounted in your POH.
  • If you get a blue dragon slayer task, he may be killed for Slayer experience. Be sure to take along an imbued slayer helmet to deal additional damage.
  • If you are lucky enough to get the Vorki pet, it may be insured for 500,000 gold in case of death. The pet is identical to Vorkath in appearance, just scaled down to a tiny size.
  • Vorkath has a very high magic defense and magic level, making this combat style pretty useless. Although a Twisted Bow can be viable, most players have found blowpipes or crossbows to be better.
  • Vorkath’s lowest defense is stab, so be sure to use a spear, lance or sword on stab if you ever choose to melee him. The crush attacks are it’s second lowest, allowing it to be hit with a Warhammer or god sword.
  • Vorkath is considered to be a failed experiment due to his lack of aggression. Players will notice this as he doesn’t engage in combat upon discovering him.

Item Drops

  • Skeletal Visage (very rare)
  • Draconic Visage (very rare)
  • Jar of Decay (rare)
  • Dragonbone necklace (rare)
  • Dragon platelegs & plateskirt
  • Dragon battleaxes
  • Chaos, Death, and Wrath runes
  • Dragonstones
  • Dragon arrow, dart, and bolt tips
  • Onyx bolt tips
  • Noted green, blue, red, and black dragonhides
  • Noted magic logs
  • Rare herb & tree seeds
  • Noted Cooked Manta Ray
  • Noted Diamonds
  • Noted Grapes
  • Noted Adamantite Ore
  • Noted Adamantite Dragon Bones
  • Noted Rune Kiteshields
  • Noted Rune Longswords
  • Superior Dragon Bones (always)
  • Blue Dragonhide (always)

Vorkath Walkthrough

Vorkath is a product of one of Zorgoth’s and is basically a mutated blue dragon. He was set to guard the entrance of his fortress, and once the player completes the quest, he may be fought endlessly by revisiting the same location. Just like during the quest, you will have to talk to Torfinn to take the boat back to Ungael where he lies dormant.

It is considered a safe boss as players may retrieve their lost items upon death. Having said that, a Hardcore Ironman will still lose their status upon death, whether it’s during or after the quest. Simply talk to Torfinn in Relekka and pay his fee to reclaim your valuable items. Having said that, you should have a grasp of his different attacks before attempting to fight him again as everything hits harder.

Throughout the fight, you need to be aware of the multiple types of Dragonfire he can deal out. His regular dragon fire is similar to regular blue dragons but scales to higher damage. It can be mitigated down to a maximum of 20 damage if the player has Protect from Magic on and a dose of super anti-fire. The expected attack pattern is 5-6 regular Dragonfire attacks before using one of his powerful special attacks.

The Pink Dragonfire can interrupt a player’s prayer upon a successful hit, so having quick-prayers configured is recommended to reactivate the ones you need. It should be obvious as a vibrant pink ball is shot at you, so you have a quick moment to flick your prayers back on. You should have your quick-prayers configured before the fight to save a few ticks of delaying just to set multiple prayers back. This does not drain your prayer potions, so sip doses as normal.

The magic Dragonfire is more benign of them all as is just a pure magic attack. If you are camping protect from magic anyway, you should already be mitigating this attack. It looks like a blue fireball, which is actually an ice spell. The best way to describe it is as if he is casting water strike on the player.

The venomous Dragonfire is what you should always be on the lookout for, especially if you aren’t wearing a Serpentine helmet. Since the anti-venom+ potion has a short 3-minute window, always be aware if you need to drink another sip during long fights. Venom hits significantly harder than regular poison, so you wouldn’t last this fight without doing something about venom.

His fireball Dragonfire will be a big event that needs to be dodged to avoid massive damage. There will be an exaggerated animation with him shooting it into the air and you will see it coming down. As long as you run away from its landing tile, you should be able to take no damage. There is a two-square radius to dodge, so be mindful of the size of tiles around it to determine how far to run.

He also shoots a ranged hit, which supposedly counts as Dragonfire. The animation of this is quite similar to the ranged attack at the shield mini-game within the Warrior’s Guild. If you don’t know what it looks like, it will be a floating spike that’s hard to spot if the camera is zoomed out. This attack can be chained and has high accuracy. Have food ready to click as you will likely be hit in the mid-’20s for each spike.

If you stand within close distance, he also has a melee auto-attack that can still hit quite high. For those that plan on meleeing him or using melee special attacks, it should be noted that it is a slash attack. That bit of information may be useful in planning out which defensive gear to take. A melee loadout would also have the benefit of a Dragonfire Shield, giving more defense and Dragonfire absorption.

Starting out, you need a reliable means to get to Relekka after banking and recharge your prayer. The most convenient option for this is the free teleport with the Fremmenik Boots 4 and taking the boat nearby. Another option would be the Waterbirth Island teleport from your player owned house, the boat to Relleka and then the boat to Vorkath. The first option would be the most optimal without affecting your profit per hour and run energy due to the distance.

Upon arriving at the entrance, Vorkath will lie dormant so you still have a moment to prepare yourself. Drink your potions, adjust your quick prayers and click on him to initiate the fight. Once he is killed, you may re-awaken him to start another fight without having to leave.

If you happen to have a Dragon Warhammer, open up with the initial hits to reduce his defenses, making this fight a lot quicker. The secondary choice for a special attack would be a Bandos God Sword. Some would fight it debatable that the BGS is more reliable due to higher strength and accuracy, but it has less of a potential effect than a DWH. If you have a very high attack level, the DWH would be the clear winner as you would have high base accuracy anyway.

The Bone Crossbow is an overlooked item, but it’s highly useful for gear-limited ironmen or those with a pure ranged build. This will lower the defense based on the damage dealt, so damage and accuracy matters here. It is obviously an inferior option due to the attack bonus being quite low and using an extra inventory space for its special ammo. If you have 99 range and nothing better to use, you would still notice the difference over skipping the special attack.

The latter two options will have less of an effect but are more accessible than the super expensive Warhammer. Optionally, you can have a friend use Vengeance on you so you can deal with immediate bonus damage during the initial moments. This only counts one time since the fight is instanced, as previously mentioned.

After hitting him, the first phase allows you to just DPS him without much happening on the screen. If you were successful in landing a defense-reducing attack at the start, you should take a significant chunk of health before moving on to a more complicated phase. If you start taking damage, you may use the Toxic Blowpipe’s special attack to save food (whenever possible).

The poison phase can be quite difficult due to splats of green goop (that damages of you), being spit everywhere. Due to the splats green venom around the battle area, you should always be on the move while attacking with your blowpipe. Luckily, with the few ticks between blowpipe attacks, you should be quickly able to move tiles and clicking Vorkath in rapid succession.

What else may happen during this phase is a rapid volley of fireballs hitting the ground where you’re standing, meaning you need to keep moving. Ideally, you need to move in a set path back and forth so that you are in the grove of keeping your character from stopping. Keep in mind the poison pools are still on the ground, so you need to plot a path in your head at the last minute.

It should be noted that when walking around in circles or around corners there is a tick delay for assigning your player to move. You can practice this outside the fight to notice how your character delays when clicking around in circles or changing paths. This should help you get an idea of how to time your clicks when stuck in unfortunate spots during the poison phase.

Another method of dealing with these fireballs while still being able to do damage is known as the “Woox Walk”. This involves you timing your takes of walking one square back, clicking on the boss, and walking one square forward in a repetitive motion until the phase is over. Keep in mind that your character needs to start walking towards him to attack, so don’t bother doing it during side steps. It is very hard to pull off as you need to follow the ticks of the blowpipe attacks between the player walking. Woox invented this method and it’s expected that only highly skilled players will regularly use it.

The Zombified Spawn phase is very nerve-wracking but quite easy to mitigate once you’ve practiced this a few times. Simply put, the tiny zombie creature that spawns needs to be eliminated using the Crumble Undead spell. Don’t bother switching to a staff and putting it on auto-attack as it could kill you by then. The most immediate way to cast it is from the spellbook, so always have it handy.

This phase will start with a white cloud being the only warning to drop everything you’re doing and start watching the ground. Vorkath will shoot something vaguely in a certain direction, which is where you can expect the little spawn to pop up. By then, you should already have the Crumble Undead spell on your cursor for an instant cast. In the majority of cases, this will be an instant kill and you negative magic offensive bonuses will have no sway in success. Your player will be frozen in a short Ice Barrage spell at the start, but it should have little impact on pulling this off.

After Vorkath drops dead it will look more like he’s “sleeping” and you will get your loot on the grand. This will be the moment you will need to evaluate the amount of food, prayer, and potions you have the level to handle another fight. Most high-level players will do around 2 kills per inventory, and perhaps three if they’re lucky.

If you are under-geared and have trouble maging food, you should either come back at a higher level or change up your food and potions. Combo eating is a good way of dealing with high hits, which involves sharks plus Saradomin Brews or Karambwans plus a Guthix Rest tea. An anglerfish could also be eaten prior to the fight to boost your HP beyond its maximum. Consider switching out your Archer’s ring for recoil rings.

Karil’s armor and a Serpentine Helm should be swapped over the Void set if you’re struggling. This will give a significant boost in defense while sacrificing some accuracy and prayer bonus. It is also a more convenient set to obtain for low-level players.

You may click him again and choose to do another fight within the same arena or teleport out for a bank run. The most efficient way to do this is teleporting to your house with a pool and a jewelry box so you can get to a bank. If you don’t have your own pool, you can do this on World 330 to find a host with a restoration pool is they’re house.

If you are missing the Fremmenik Boots 4, you should consider teleporting to Lunar Island from your POH to a bank and return. It has the second shortest walking distance from a bank to get back to the Vorkath boat. If you’re an ironman, this could also be a pit-stop to buy more runes at the “walking house” north of the bank.

The amount of profit you get from Vorkath is all about speed, so banking speed, damage and practicing the different phases all count in making more money. A reasonable kill per hour is 25, but at least 20 is decent. You can expect at least 100,000 gold per kill when taking all drop possibilities into account. This makes it easily over 2 million gold per hour after expenses.

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