Waterfall Quest OSRS Guide

Waterfall Quest

Table of Contents

  • Skill Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Useful Items
  • Quest Walkthrough

Skill Prerequisites

  • No official skill requirements, however there are aggressive level 86 fire giants and level 84 moss guardians that you will need to be able to withstand or evade attacks from.

Items Required

  • 6 air runes
  • 6 earth runes
  • 6 water runes
  • Rope

Useful Items

  • Any Ardougne teleport
  • Games necklace with at least 2 charges (for the Barbarian Outpost telport, close to Almera)
  • Skills necklace with 1+ charge (For the fishing guild teleport, close to Glarial's tomb)
  • Any teleport close to bank (such as ring of dueling to castle wars)
  • Decent food
  • Armour
  • Weapon/ supplies for killing a fire giant (a medium Kandarin diary task)



Uncover the mysterious hidden treasure of the waterfall and learn about the history of Glarial and the elf king Baxtorian.



Official Length


Quest Walkthrough

To start, talk to Almera in her house. Her house is located directly south of the Barbarian Outpost teleport and west of the coal trucks mining location, near McGrubor's Wood. She will tell you her son Hudon is convinced there is hidden treasure in the river and that she is concerned for his safety as he can't swim. You offer to go and look for him, she tells you there is a small raft out back you can use to traverse the river, as the current down-stream is very strong. After the conversation exit via the western door and board the log raft.

After boarding the log raft the screen will fade and you will have crashed into some rocks. Hudon seems relatively safe stood on the other side of the river, and after a short conversation with you he suspects you of trying to find the treasure for yourself. Use your rope on the grey rock located south of you to gain access to the southern island. Use the rope again on the tree on the same island to climb down onto a cliff edge halfway down the waterfall. Next to you will be a barrel, enter it and it will carry you down the river. After a short dialogue with a man named Gerald, he will tell you to see Hadley, located in the large building to his west, as he can give you more information about the treasure. Talk to Hadley and go through all the text options with him.

You learn the building is a tourist information centre, you will then need to find a book titled "Book on Baxtorian", it is located in the south-eastern bookcase of the library upstairs, you must read the book to continue. You will learn about the Elven people, and the legend of the hidden waterfall treasure. The book also mentions "Glarial's pebble" a pebble that will give you access to her tomb. The pebble is located under tree Gnome Village.

Travel to Tree Gnome Village. If you have completed the quest "Tree Gnome Village" you can use a spirit tree teleport, one is located in the north-west corner of the grand exchange. If you can't access the spirit tree, some close teleports are: the Ardougne teleport (north-east of Tree Gnome Village) or the fishing trawler minigame teleport (east of Tree Gnome Village), once you arrive, either at the south-east or north-west entrance, follow the map guide, squeezing through some railings in the middle and make your way to the dungeon ladder, then climb down it.

Once in the dungeon low level players should be cautious as there are aggressive hobgoblins. Make your way north-east into the room wth many crates, look for a crate with a different shade of brown to the rest, search it and you will find a key. Return to the area with the ladder, but don't go up it, instead take the western path, keep following it until you reach a metal gate, use your key on it to go through. In this room you will meet a gnome called Golrie, he will tell you he has been stuck in the room for weeks and that the hobgoblins have been trying to steal some family heirlooms given to him by his grandfather, although he considers it to be junk. He says you can look through his possessions, and you will immediately spot Glarial's pebble. He will trade you the pebble for the door key so he can leave the room, though he says he will wait a while for the hobgoblins to leave.

Go to a bank and deposit any weapons, armour or runes you have in your inventory or on your person. Stock up on decent food, more if lower levelled, as you will be in melee range of high level moss guardians who have a combat level of 84 and a max hit of 14. Return to the Barbarian Outpost and run south past Almera's house, then east down the small mountain path. Then continue south until you reach a grey area containing Glarial's tombstone. Use Glarial's pebble on the tombstone to enter. Lower level players may want to attack a skeleton or zombie at this section, so they cannot be attacked by a moss giant also. Immediately run west to the chest and retrieve Glarial's amulet. Go east, and then south down the only other path, search the coffin to find Glarial's Urn. Return to the ladder and climb back out.

Go to a bank and collect the items you deposited earlier, then travel back to Almera's house. Exit the house via the western door, go through the gate and board the raft again. Use your rope on the rock to your south, and then on that island use your rope again to ascend down to the waterfall cliff edge, just like you did the first time. Once on the cliff edge, equip Glarials Amulet and go through the door to your north to enter the waterfall dungeon. Go north then open the eastern door, follow the path into a room and search the two crates stacked upon each other to find a large key. Exit the room then go through the western door. Go north but be wary of the fire giants who have a combat level of 86 and a max hit of 11, similarly to the method at Glarial's tombstone you may wish to attack a lower level enemy to stop the more dangerous fire giants attacking you. Another method for avoiding a fire giant attack is to find a server populated with people training on them, as this is a popular method, if they are all preoccupied fighting other players they will not harm you. Open the following 2 doors using the large key. You will enter a room containing 6 pillars, a chalice and 2 statues of Glarial and Baxtorian.

Use 1 of each rune (air, water and earth) on each of the pillars. Afterwards go to the statue in the north of the room. Unequip and use Glarial's amulet on the statue of Glarial, the room will shake. Use Glarial's urn on the chalice of eternity, in the middle of the room, to complete the quest. You need to have 5 free inventory slots to collect all the quest rewards. The quest rewards are: 1 quest point, 13'750 strength exp, 13,750 attack exp, 2 diamonds, 2 gold bars and 40 mithril seeds. Killing a fire giant is medium Kandarin diary task, so do that now if you want that and if you haven't done so already.

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