OSRS Woodcutting Guide

Woodcutting Guide

Table of Contents

  • Useful Quests
  • Useful Items
  • Fastest Exp Methods
  • AFK Money Making Methods

Useful Quests

  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper: 4000 Exp
  • Monk’s Friend: 2000 Exp
  • Animal Magnetism: 2500 Exp [Skill Req. 35 Woodcutting, 18 Slayer, 19 Crating, 30 Range]
  • The Fremennik Isles: 10000 Exp [Skill Req. 56 Woodcutting, 20 Construction, 40 Agility]
  • Enlightened Journey: 1500 Exp [Skill Req. 20 Firemaking, 30 Farming, 36 Crafting, 20 Quest Points]
  • The Fremennik Trials: 2812 Exp [Skill Req. 40 Woodcutting, 25 Fletching, 40 Crafting]
  • RFD - Skrach Uglogwee Subquest: 1500 Exp [41 Cooking, 20 Firemaking]
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie: 2500 Exp [Skill Req. 45 Woodcutting*, 5 Construction, 46 Magic]
  • Heroe’s Quest: 1575 Exp [Skill Req. 25 Herblore, 50 Mining, 53 Fishing, 53 Cooking, 55 Quest Points]
  • Grim Tales: 14000 Exp [Skill Req. 71 Woodcutting, 45 Farming, 52 Herblore, 58 Thieving, 59 Agility]
  • Song of the Elves: 20000 Exp [Skill Req. 70 Woodcutting, 70 Agility, 70 Construction, 70 Farming, 70 Herblore, 70 Hunter, 70 Mining, 70 Smithing]

Useful Items

Woodcutting Axes

Woodcutting Axes

These are the tools you will need to have either equipped or in your inventory to train the skill of Woodcutting. It is always best to use the highest tier of axe available at your Woodcutting level. The higher level the axe, the higher the chances of obtaining logs from the tree. There are currently 11 types of axes in game with most following the standard metal types. If you decide to start training your Woodcutting level at one instead of questing, it's advisable to skip Bronze and begin with Iron as they are both available at level 1. From there on the next levels of axes are unlocked as follows: Steel at level 6, Black at level 11, Mithril at level 21, Adamant at level 31, Rune at level 41, Dragon at level 61, Infernal at level 61 (Req. 85 Firemaking), Thirdage at level 61 (Cosmetic difference to Dragon only) and the Crystal pickaxe at level 71 (Req. Song of the Elves, 50 Agility). Dragon, Infernal, Thirdage and Crystal axes have a special attack called Lumber Up. This special attack temporarily raises the player’s Woodcutting level by 3, consuming 100% of the special attack energy. The Infernal axe also has a ⅓ chance to burn the logs cut for Firemaking Exp.*Note: Players can use the axes that correspond with their Woodcutting levels even if they do not have the Attack level to equip them.

Lumberjack Outfit

This outfit is the only Exp boosting Outfit available for the Woodcutting skill, requiring level 44 Woodcutting. Obtained only from the Temple Trekking minigame located inside of the Morytania swamp. Access to the minigame requires the completion of the quest In Aid of the Myreque. Temple Trekking is a dangerous minigame in which players can obtain the Lumberjack pieces by killing the Undead Lumberjacks at drop rate of ¼ (up to one unique per trip maximum). When worn, the outfit increase Woodcutting Exp gained by 0.2% to 0.8% depending on the piece. W

Fastest Exp Methods

Questing (1 - 26)

While not exactly the fastest way to achieve level 26 Woodcutting, Questing is the most efficient considering the quests will be needed to complete other more important quests later in the game. Monk's friend, Enlightened Journey, Icthlarin's Little Helper and the Skrach Uglogwee sub quest of RFD will get players from level 1 to level 26 Woodcutting.

Regular Trees (1 - 15)

For those not interested in Questing to skip the low levels, players will need to chop 97 regular trees to reach level 15 Woodcutting. The best place to accomplish this is just South of the Grand Exchange by the Cooking Guild. It's recommended that players drop the logs as they are extremely low in value and thus are not worth the time it takes to bank them. Regular trees offer up to 10k Woodcutting Exp per hour.

Oak Trees (15 - 30)

At level 15 Woodcutting the Oak trees becomes the best tree for Exp. Players will need to chop 293 Oak logs to reach level 30. The most common area to chop Oak trees is just Southwest of the Varrock West bank. This spot offers three Oak trees that will respawn before a player cut them all down, allowing for uninterrupted Exp gains. Once again due to their cheap price it's recommended players drop the cut logs instead of banking them. Players can expect up to 40k Woodcutting Exp per hour chopping Oaks.

Willow Trees (30 - 35)

Once reaching level 30 Woodcutting players should begin chopping the Willow tree. Giving 67 Exp per log, players will need to cut only 134 logs to reach level 35 Woodcutting. Similar to real life Willows, players can find these trees close to bodies of water around the game. The most popular area being just Southwest of the Draynor Village bank. Here there are multiple trees for players to choose from, offering fast Exp. Due to Willow logs being the best Exp option for F2P players, the logs are some of the cheapest in the game and therefore not worth banking. Chopping Willows can gain players upwards of 70k Woodcutting Exp per hour.

Teak Trees (35 - 65/99*)

As with most Skills in the game of OldSchool Runescape, Woodcutting also has a method of training where tick manipulation will grant the highest possible Exp rates. Teak trees are unlocked at level 35 Woodcutting and with tick manipulation will far out pace all other methods in the game. Without tick manipulation, Teaks still offer the fastest Woodcutting Exp until level 65. The most common area to chop these trees are on Ape Atoll (if 2-Ticking), Tai Bwo Wannai Hardwood grove and the Hardwood Farming patches located on Fossil Island (if 1.5-Ticking). The average player CAN learn 2-Tick Woodcutting on Ape Atoll as it takes advantage of an attacking NPC and the Auto-Retaliate feature of the game. However, 1.5-Tick Woodcutting is extremely difficult to learn and master. Those who can learn tick manipulation will see Exp rates far above the standard. For more in-depth guides on Tick manipulation i recommend players watch a detailed video on the subject. Without any tick manipulation players can expect Woodcutting Exp rates of 60k - 70k per hour. 2-Tick Woodcutting will boost player Exp rates upwards of 170k per hour, and 1.5-Tick Woodcutting can grant up to 220k Exp per hour with minimal mistakes made. 192,771 Teak logs are required to reach level 99 Woodcutting without the use of the Lumberjack outfit.

Sulliuscep Mushrooms (65 - 99)

Players not interested in learning tick manipulation should move on to Sulliuscep Mushrooms at level 65 Woodcutting. For these trees to be accessible, players must first complete the Quest Bone Voyage as they are located in the Tar Swamp of Fossil Island. Unlike other method of training, players will take damage and use supplies while gaining Woodcutting Exp this way. However, it also allows players to get good Exp per hour while also making a decent amount of OSRS Gp back in return. There are six individual Sulliuscep trees throughout the swamp. Between these spawns are Tar Monsters which can inflict up to 12 Hitpoints of damage and two different kinds of vines that players must first clear to pass. The mushrooms grow in such a way that only a single one is able to be chopped at a given time, meaning players must first chop the fully grown tree, then check all other spawn locations until they have found the new one. There are multiple resources on the fastest routes and strategies for players to take while training using these trees and I cannot stress enough for those who are interested to take a look before diving in. Instead of logs, players will have the chance of obtaining Sulliuscep caps, Numulite and Unidentified Fossils from the mushrooms. With a well defined route and practice, players can reach up to 110k Woodcutting Exp per hour with this method. From level 65, players will need to chop 97778 Sulliusceps to reach level 99 Woodcutting. In addition to the Exp, an average of 970 Sulliuscep Caps, 260k Numulite and 2800 Unidentified Fossils will be obtained from training levels 65 to 99. If sold, the caps and Numulite can fetch up to 6500k OSRS Gold, as well as 120k Exp in your choice of skill from completing the fossil exhibit in varrock museum. After the completion of the museum, the remaining fossils can be cleaned and used to gain 2M Prayer Exp at the House on the Hill. Overall, if you’re looking to do more than AFK in the same location for hours on end, Sulliusceps can offer great Exp rates and other fantastic benefits.

Redwood Trees (90 - 95)

Mining Guild

For those who would rather relax and have their last leg of Woodcutting mastery be AFKable, the Redwood tree is a great option. Located inside the Woodcutting guild of Zeah, they do require 75% Hosidus Favor to chop. Redwood logs are worth very little and therefore it’s recommended that players drop them instead of banking. This method can net players between 60k to 70k Woodcutting Exp per hour with little attention. It will take 20232 logs to reach level 99 Woodcutting through chopping Redwoods.

AFK Money Making Methods

Yew Trees (61+)

The Yew tree has long been a staple of OldSchool Runescape itself. Located in various spots across the game, the most common areas to cut them are North of the Varrock Castle and inside the Woodcutting Guild of Zeah. Both of these areas offer close banking however the Woodcutting Guild does not have as much competition per tree. It’s only recommended for players to cut Yews for OSRS Gold if using the account as an alternate due to the slow OSRS Gp and Exp per hour achieved. Players can expect to gain between 60k OSRS Gold and 30k Woodcutting Exp per hour chopping Yews. However it does add up, from level 61 to 99 you can net up to 23 Million OSRS Gold.

Magic Trees (75+)

The Magic tree is only other option for players who want to make OSRS Gold while training Exp at a fairly slow but very AFK rate. Not recommended unless done on an alternate account, Unlocked at level 75 Woodcutting, the best place to chop Magic trees is in the Woodcutting Guild of Zeah once again. The Exp rates are very slow however it does offer significantly more OSRS Gold per hour than Yews. While chopping Magic trees players can gain around 120k OSRS Gold and 25k Exp per hour. Although very tedious, if done from levels 75 to 99 players can net upwards of 47 Million OSRS Gold.

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