VikingPVP is a Minecraft private server with a viking theme that has been able to attract thousands of different players from all around the world to participate in the numerous of activities that our server has to offer.

As you may have heard in our server title, a lot of inspiration has come from the viking ages and history which we've tried to emulate into our own private player versus player server. We've been standing strong and stable as a server for many years and we're only looking to grow, develop and prosper even more than ever done before.

VikingPVP has been able to accurately deliver the experience that the community truly wants, a fast paced, lagg-free and entertaining PvP environment with no flaws what so ever. If you're looking for one of the most competitive and immersive player versus player experiences in Minecraft then VikingPVP is your best pick. We have it all, players, battlefields, great mapping and flawless mechanics which we've from scratch added to our server exclusively and unique to any Minecraft server.

Our server is completely free to play which means as soon as you've registered an account you're egible to instantly get in on all the action and start playing.