Weed - Scape

Weed-Scape RSPS

Weed-Scape RSPS

  • PVP Items such as Vesta, Statius, Morrigans etc.
  • Spirit Shields
  • Most special attacks work correctly, including dragon claws, godswords, vls, whip
  • Custom Colored Whips with working anims and specials
  • Korasi's Sword with working special attack
  • Working ring of wealth.
  • Auto-Join Clan Chat on login
  • Easy Barrows System
  • Good Starter Items
  • Working mystery boxes
  • Extra Raredrop table
  • Double xp weekends

And much more!

Intrested in joining? The client is here! 


Play The Best Or Play Nothing BOSSES - MINIGAMES - ACTIVE WILDERNESS - OSRS ITEMS - 24 SKILLS - PERFECT COMBAT - ACHIEVEMENTS - CONSTRUCTION - DUNGEONEERING - Weed-Scape is the perfect RSPS where you can chill and smoke weed everyday while playing the game. We offer 100% perfect gaming experience. Join many others and become the best ingame. Grind all your skills and become the nr1 on the highscores. Go on adventure and complete one of the many quests or achievements. See you ingame!

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