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RoatPkz RSPS

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If you are a fan of Old School RuneScape but do not want to sacrifice your entire day on tedious tasks and requirements, then Roat Pkz is the perfect place for you.

Roat Pkz is a RuneScape Private Server which is home to thousands of active players that tune in daily from all corners of the world to partake in the many activities that Roat Pkz has to offer. This includes player killing, skilling at a much faster pace, bossing, and even gambling!

Roat Pkz Roat Pkz is a community driven private server with one of the most active wilderness and gambling scenes out there.

Join today for the most enjoyable experience playing a RuneScape Private Server.

Here's a small fraction of what we offer our playerbase!

Players PKing in Edgeville wilderness

Players risk fighting at our custom Risk Zone


Customize your very own pre-set kits

Compete in tournaments and win OSRS Gold daily

Daily & Weekly hiscores with rewards (Including Clan rewards)

Daily HP Events with great rewards

Compete with your team to win huge OSRS Gold rewards

PVM Content

OSRS wilderness bosses

Safezone bosses with custom droptables

Players PKing in the Revenant caves

Bearded gorillas in wilderness with Zenyte jewelry drops

Face the Mimic boss for a chance at a 3rd Age piece

Mage Arena 2 mini-quest for Imbued God capes

Jad & Skotizo bosses spawning hourly in the wilderness

Deep wildy Demonic gorillas with Ballista drops

Custom droptables for Monsters & Bosses

Check your monster kill count & best time


 Sklling content

Train your skills at our Custom Skilling Island

Wilderness Slayer with custom rewards and upgrades

Collect skilling pets

Train in the Resource Area for double XP

Compete against fellow players of Roat Pkz


 Misc Content

1000+ achievements to complete with great rewards

Custom wilderness Clue scrolls & custom rewards

Custom wilderness Donator cave with Skilling & Bosses

Donator Zone with Sklling & Custom monsters

Fully working & adjustable game sounds

Loads of player titles to choose from

Sell & Buy items through our Player Trading Post system

Blacklist raggers & rushers


Ready to join the action?

Like what you see? We have tons of more content and keep adding more weekly!

We have the most active PvP scene of any server, we also have a lot of content for non-pkers.

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