Atlantiss is a World of Warcraft private server that has been around for years. Atlantiss has one of the biggest private server playerbases in the community, topping player bases in the thousands on the daily. Our server is completely free, nothing in our server is pay to win and this even means that donators of the server do not get items that could possibly help them in game.

The only thing that are available in the donation shop are cosmetics that cannot be used to give players an unfair advantage over others. There are no monthly subscriptions or anything of that fashion, everything related to our services is 100 percent free of cost. Atlantiss offers a true Blizzlike experience that other private servers fail to offer their audience. We strive to make all of our content as Blizzlike as we possibly can. This means that when we're developing and fixing new content we do our best to try to make the content design the same kind of content you'd find on the official World of Warcraft retail servers. Atlantiss offers flawless realms, no lag at all and bugs are few to none on our server. Our main objective is to make the game run as smooth as we possibly can, and to achieve such a goal we have a staff team working around the clock to ensure everyones satisfaction when it comes to our services.

We have a very convenient support system when it comes to our server. If you wish to get in contact with a staff member, game master or an adminstrator all you have to do is PM them through our discord server or just make a quick ticket in-game and they'll be at your service in no time. Atlantiss offers a state of the art DDoS protection. This means that there are no DDoS attacks happening on our server.

Unlike other servers we have it all, we have several realms all offering exclusive game content.

We have a PTE realm, this is a realm where several different World of Warcraft expansions are combined into one single realm. This is impossible to find on any other private server but because of our professional developer team we've been able to succeed in our audience's expectations and beyond.