Elysium Project - Vanilla



Elysium project is the most immersive World of Warcraft server ever. The Elysium Project which was formerly called Valkyrie Project has been alive for over 7 years and is still growing.

Elysium is based off of the vanilla version of the game. The original World of Warcraft experience which we all cherished and loved before Blizzard ruined it for us. Our team is composed of several talented developers and many professionals in the field of WoW. We're all brought together for our shared love of the game and how World of Warcraft is ought to be experienced. Our team consists of people from all different continents with different ethnicities and backgrounds, but we all share a common language, our love for WoW.

Even though we've faced many obstacles and challenges we have managed to go through them and become even better as a community and developers. Our inspiration comes from being in the pinnacle of MMO gaming and being a part of this beautiful project. The Elysium Project was created to bring back the original World of Warcraft experience and share that joy with everybody else. We strive to continue putting in work to revive the real WoW experience.

Elysium is all in all the ideal way to play and experience World of Warcraft. We have the most convenient PvP and PvE systems, daily events, unique bossing and much more juicy content.

We have a vast active player base and you'll find our realms packed in almost all different time zones. Elysium also offers character transfers from Light's Hope. This means that if you're familiar with Light's hope private server and would like to switch over to our community, you can do so without having to go through the hassle of grinding through the game again and just continue your World of Warcraft adventure with your same character at Elysium.

Elysium is where you want to create all of your World of Warcraft experiences and memories and share them all with a very friendly and interactive community. Register today at The Elysium Project!