VanillaGaming - Oldest Classic Server



VanillaGaming is the oldest classic World of Warcraft server project.

With over 5 years of developing experience we offer our players the true World of Warcraft experience and how it was meant to be played prior to the patch of 1.12. VanillaGaming is a free to play version of the game which means you get to play and experience the full World of Warcraft experience for free, which has been our goal since day one because we strive to be the most convenient and best option to our players. At character creation you're allowed to choose how your game play is going to be. You have the option to choose the normal EXP rates which is the standard 1X, or you could choose a higher rate which could be 15X. We host the most immersive and interactive community of all World of Warcraft related services. We still have countless players that have been with us since day one and has helped us progress as a game and community as the years have gone by.

Whilst we offer a very convenient and free way to play the game our services and community is still strictly community funded. This means without the help of our loyal player base we wouldn't have been able to fund our server for all of these years, anyone whom would like to support us in running the server are capable of doing so. As a way of saying thank you and giving back to our loyal donors we have put unique perks and rewards that are only obtainable by funding the server and being a donor. Donors get twice the amount of gold from farming than a non donor player and also have better drop rate chances to unique bosses and monsters compared to normal players. All this is balanced so it won't break the endgame economy nor does it work like a pay to play version of the game.

Our staff team spends their free time and shows great effort in maintaining a pleasant, fair and authentic World of Warcraft environment for every individual player. This means that there are a set of rules that everyone must abide by for us to maintain this pleasant environment for our community. Keeping a nice attitude when interacting with other players, this means not insulting or harassing other players. Hacking and the use of 3rd party software is strictly forbidden and anyone who is caught using any kind of illegal 3rd party software will be permanently banned from our services. Same goes for exploiting a bug or a flaw in our server, first offenses might only be a warning or a limited ban but continuation of this offense will result in you being issues a permanent ban.

VanillaGaming is the optimal World of Warcraft server and is one of the oldest ones to date. With over a decade in the making this is without a doubt the most immersive and challenging MMO experience out there. Join us today at VanillaGaming!