OSRS Venenatis Guide

Table of Contents

  • Level Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Details
  • Item Drops
  • Boss Walkthrough

Level Prerequisites

  • 80+ Melee Stats
  • 94 Magic (optional)
  • 43 Prayer

Items Required

  • Full Veracs’ Set
  • Charged Amulet of Glory
  • Ardougne Cloak
  • Rune Gloves or better
  • Rune Boots or better
  • Slayer Ring or Ring of Wealth
  • Runes of Vengeance (optional)
  • Karambwan
  • Super Combat Potion
  • Prayer Potion

Item Drops

  • Treasonous Ring
  • Venenatis Spiderling (pet)
  • Dragon Pickaxe
  • Dragon 2H Sword
  • Rune Pickaxe
  • Rune Knives
  • Rune 2h Sword
  • Chaos Runes
  • Death Runes
  • Blood Runes
  • Enchanted Diamond Bolts
  • Cannonballs
  • Noted Magic Logs
  • Noted Uncut Rubues
  • Noted Uncut Diamonds
  • Noted Gold Ore
  • Noted Limpwurt Root
  • Noted Red Spider Eggs
  • Noted Unicorn Horn
  • Noted Uncut Dragonstones
  • Noted Snapdragon
  • Noted Supercompost


  • Venenatis is a spider boss found just under 30 Wilderness and is easily spotted with her webs across the terrain. She may travel a large distance and even extend beyond 30 wilderness.
  • This is one of the hottest PK areas in the wilderness, so be prepared with an exit strategy in case you encounter player killers.
  • If you happen to get a Spider task from any slayer monster, this boss will count and you will get experience. You may also use a Slayer helmet for a boost in damage (assuming you’re not using Veracs’).
  • While ranging this boss is entirely viable and may have been its original intention, it is best to use the safe spot and melee with a Veracs’ set. This is due to her extremely high base defense of 490.
  • If you are killing Venanatus with multiple players, it would be advantageous to have a mix of melee and ranged if not using the safe spot.
  • A cannon can help speed up kills and lure the boss, although with additional risk.
  • Damage is capped out at 6 if fighting the boss in a single combat zone. This forces players to fight in multi-combat, which makes it even riskier.

Boss Walkthrough

When the new wilderness bosses were created, they were never exactly intended to be safely spotted, but players found a means to anyway. Luckily, Jagex never took these safe spots out so it is the primary means that this boss is killed and where a lot of Dragon Pickaxes come into the game. If going solo at this boss, the Veracs’ set is the most effective due to its ability to ignore the targets’ defense, although the DPS may be a bit underwhelming.

The most common safe spot being in Level 30 Wilderness, just outside of the black knight settlement. This requires fewer steps than other known safe spots and is quicker overall to set up.

If you have aggro of Venenetas, start luring her over to the North, and then to the West until you go past a rocky outcrop within view of the black knights. This may be made easier if you aggro her using any longbow and arrows, but that’s optional. The tile you want to run to will be just directly under a tree, so wat there until the boss becomes snagged on the rocky outcrop.

You should then wait for her to use her magic spell on you, in which you will run two tiles west to get her into position. You will then go back two spaces to the east to get her aggro once again, and if done correctly, she should be stuck on the rocks again. Sometimes this doesn’t work and you will have to make a few attempts to get her into the correct position.

Once she is stuck, run south to test if she can move if not, you can move back up north and stand on the Western Tile from her. You may then just attack using your Veracs’ weapon without her fighting back. This isn’t a “safe spot” in the traditional sense that you need to use ranged, but rather taking advantage of a gap in her pathing code.

There is another safe spot to the South that’s considered safer since you are within range of using teleports, but it is arguably more difficult to setup. PK items that run out here are also bringing teleblock spells knowing that players stand in this spot so they can teleport out, so keep that in mind.

If you choose to fight the boss head-on, you probably should do it with a team and multiple cannons. Some teams may choose to use a mix of melee and range, and some prefer to use ranged. There are also various mechanics to be aware of.

Venenatis has a basic melee attack that can hit up to 50 and is extremely accurate. Her magic attack is the most deadly as it will hit multiple players, no matter if you are in single or multi-way combat zones. Her web attack can hit the same amount of damage as her melee attack, but it also snares the player and she can land more melee attacks to stack them out. She can also cast a curse on players and drain their prayer points, which is why Prayer Potions should always be on-hand.

All of the players in your team should leave on Protect from Magic during the fight and set up the cannon in a spot that doesn’t initially aggro her. The members of your team using ranged should use either a Craw’s Blow or their best crossbow with enchanted diamond bolts. Keeping vengeance on at all times is critical as it serves as free damage in case anyone gets hit.

If you’re killing this boss for a significant amount of time, you will probably frequently encounter players wanting to kill you. This is why you should always have prayer points available to use the Protect Item prayer so that you can keep all of your Veracs’ Pieces upon death. It is also recommended to not bring untradable items and cheaper items (like glorys or climbing boots) so that you don’t have much of a loss if a team kills you.

If you are tele-blocked during an encounter, the best you can do is to run towards the southern Green Dragons and try to get them attacked so you can run free. You may also run to the graveyard so that zombies attack everyone and you can try and run away to log out. In either case, it will be a matter of RNG, the competence of the players trying to kill you and how many they have in a group. If you get killed, just brush it off as a slight loss and go back to killing the boss on another world.

There are many ways to bank your stuff and return to Venenatis, and recent Wilderness updates make it even easier. A bit of a vanilla way of doing it is to teleport to your bank of choice and then teleport to Lumbridge. From there, you can take a woodcutting axe and use the canoe to get to the Moss Giants, and then go east to Venenatis.

An even better way is to teleport out using a Royal Seed Pod and use the bank upstairs in the Grand Tree. You may then teleport to your house, or go to a house party to rejuvenate. From there, you can use an ancients teleport to the Graveyard of Shadows or the Ent Forest via an obelisk and head over to the boss. It’s also possible to use the Burning Amulet to the Chaos Altar, but that would be quite a walk compared to the other spots.

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