RetroWoW - Classic - Instant 60- PvP 24/7



RetroWow is one of the biggest World of Warcraft private servers out there. It is the superior vanilla version of the game which is most suitable for the real die hard fans of WoW.

RetroWow is operating for more than 5 years and during this time it proved itself extremely well, which attracted a huge amount of customers. RetroWow offers the most immersive World of Warcraft experience out there, from 5 man raids to dungeons and much more. We give our customers freedom to play the game entirely to their liking. We have a very competitive PvP scene, a vast PvE community with all sorts of bosses and monsters to slay. At registration, you get to level 60 instantly, due to this, your character will already be at this level.

At character creation you are able to choose between two variants: free dungeon 1 gear or unique blue items from the starter vendors. We have unique gear vendors in our server that sell epic gear for different tiers. For example there is gold tier 1, 2, 3 etc. These include MC, AQ, BWL and Naxxramas items. We have custom PvE/PvP/Raid Quests where you can obtain gold, flasks and scrolls from completing our custom-made quests unique to our server.

We have a Gurubashi Arena which is our custom PvP system. Every player kill in this custom arena rewards you with 20 gold. Upon death, you'll spawn at your faction's graveyard which is located above the arena. You can always run to your corpse in order for resurrection but if you remain near the spirit healer in your graveyard, you'll be returned to life after a short countdown.

Our immersive PvP community isn't your typical boring player versus player. We offer way more than just that, we host massive PvP fests where tens of players fight their way to glory.

Overall RetroWow is the place you're going to want to be for the true World of Warcraft experience and the way it's meant to be played. Register today at RetroWow and get right in on the action.