Vendetta WoW is one of the newer World of Warcraft private servers out there. We offer a wide variety of different game modes, player versus player battlegrounds and a ton of new and exciting content.

We've been able to release and deliver brand-new content all within the lore and realm of the world of War Craft universe. We've been able to surpass some of the biggest world of War Craft servers with our player base surpassing the thousands and even beyond that. We've been able to deliver original authentic but also very exciting World of Warcraft experiences to our community.

We've added a whole bunch of new custom features into the game making it more immersive and makes exploring the map more entertaining as there are a lot of new locations to explore in the game. We offer you not just a thrilling World of Warcraft experience but a free one at that.

We do not oblige anyone to donate via real-world methods giving them an unfair advantage over another player we've tried our best to maintain as much of a balanced game for all to thrive in and enjoy. Register today for a brand-new World of Warcraft experience today!