Gportal is a rental of game servers. Only three minutes and you can play your favorite game without interference.

The creators of Gportal use only professional equipment and reliable communication channels to ensure stable connection and the best gaming experience.

Gportal has a convenient and functional server control panel. A wide range of settings is continually expanding by the wishes of our customers.

Even if you are not registered and not authorized on the website, you can rent a server if you click the “Rent a server” button.

What are the benefits of renting a server on Gportal?

  • Stability and reliability;
  • In case of server failure, the hosting provider replaces the equipment you rent with a new one or fixes all the problems on its own, which is very convenient for the client;
  • Full control over server;
  • Full access to server administration;
  • Good ping;
  • 24/7 support.

Using Gportal, you get quality services at a good price. They do not compromise on equipment, connectivity, or routing. The site offers an achievement system, the server browser, and a server details page for each server hosted in the community. Installing and updating servers will not bother you.

The list of games quite wide, here you will find Minecraft, 7D2D, Rust, Day Z, Ark and more. Prices are quite low, even below market average . As for some characteristics, you may choose one of the listed locations, for every game this list is unique. All servers offer DDoS protection, flexible number of slots, live support and several payment methods (PayPal and Credit Card).

The platform looks quite stable, it offers qualitative servers and almost all customers are happy with the website services.