Pingperfect is a provider of game servers, web hosting, and LAN Events. The team of the service consists of gamers, so they understand what you (as a gamer) want and need and ensuring the perfect ping and performance on your game servers.

Pingperfect has location all over the world: Europe, the United States of America, Poland, Russia, Canada, Asia. Pingperfect's locations are constantly being replenished by a support team of the site. Therefore (in order to be available to all users), the official website of the Pingperfect soon will be translated into several languages.

If you want to create your personal account on the platform, you should click on the blue "Login" link (which is placed in the right upper corner of the homepage of the official Pingperfect website). After this, you need to choose "Register" option and fill out a dedicated form with your personal information (full name, email address, phone number, billing address, etc).

In order to see the full list of game servers, which are available on, scroll down the homepage to the bottom.