Survival Servers



Welcome to Survival Servers!

Choosing us, you get a server completely configured by our specialists and ready to work. You get full control over your rented server, and you can change its settings yourself. The team of specialists at Survival Servers is continually working to ensure your network security, monitors the relevance of software versions on your server, and checks the configuration and updates of operating system components.

Using the Survival Servers control panel, you will get full control over the server. At any time, you can turn on, turn off, restart, update or reinstall your game server.

For stable server operation, the Survival Servers team uses new and powerful equipment.

Survival Servers guarantees -

  • Stable operation of your server;
  • Lack of lags;
  • Low ping, due to the correct and unique game settings on the equipment.

What about the prices? They are extremely low! Just a bit more than $0,4 for one slot! That is not a scam, that is true, you can get the best game servers for the lowest prices ever.

If you have any problems with the game server or have questions, you can always send us a request to the support service. Responses to tickets come in the order in which they were received, but we do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.