TRUgaming is an online platform, where you can get high-quality game and voice servers for the lowest prices. It also has such great features as the possibility of full customization, working 24 hours 7 days a week support team, full control option, and more.

The team of TRUgaming guarantees that servers of the platform are the most reliable on the market. They are built, maintained, and managed by professional gamers. If you are tired of game servers that break, bad customer service, and lack of help, then you should check out TRUgaming's approach to this stuff.

In order to learn more about voice servers of TRUgaming, go to the corresponding tab (it is placed at the top menu) and explore all its sections: "FAST SERVER SETUP", "ALL CODECS", "SWITCHABLE", "ULTRA LOW LATENCY" and more.

As for the prices, the cheapest Rust slot costs just $0,15, but the smallest quantity of players is 45 so you will pay at least $6,75/mo (applicable for the Rust game) . Every game server has its own settings and minimum number of players. There are two locations of game server: Eastern and western, three variants of billing cycle, different platforms and maps, so make sure to set everything up for your needs.

TRUgaming is not just game server hosting provider but a community of highly engaged gamers. All detailed information you can read on "TRUfam" inlay.

On this platform you are never alone. If you have any difficulties, go to the "Support" tab.